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445 Sixth Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, FDA Registered, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Oliver™ Healthcare Packaging is a leading supplier of die-cut lids, roll stock, pouches, CleanCut Cards, and clipless dispensers for catheters & guidewires, providing superior quality and technical innovation to the global healthcare industry. Our sterilizable packaging safely and securely protects and retains medical devices and pharmaceutical products throughout the sterilization and distribution processes. We offer packaging solutions that are custom-designed with repeatability, reliability, compliance and marketability in mind.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI (USA) and with manufacturing around the globe, Oliver is ISO 13485 certified for the design and manufacture of healthcare packaging. Visit us:


Design & Prototyping

The packaging elements of your medical device play a critical role in the safety and usability of the device. Inferior packaging could lead to device damage or contamination. Trust Oliver Healthcare Packaging to design innovative, efficient, safe and sterile protection for the device you’ve worked so hard to create. We can rapidly generate prototype samples for your final evaluation. Once approved, development samples can be ordered to validate shipping, sterilization and final product realization requirements. Once these requirements are met, production tooling is built, first articles are submitted to you, and production begins.


CleanCut Cards

CleanCut Cards are custom designed and manufactured to safely and securely retain your medical device to protect against damage and contamination.  With almost limitless retention elements and design flexibility, CleanCut Cards are manufactured to your device’s unique requirements while creating an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution.  Available in various sizes to accommodate the smallest components to extra-long catheters, and in various gauges and colors. Material is validated for biocompatibility per ISO 10993 following EtO and gamma sterilization.




Oliver Healthcare Packaging offers the most comprehensive set of pouch materials in the industry. We provide the precise medical pouch packaging you need to meet sterilization requirements – on time and on budget.

Our peelable pouches can be torn or cut open, are puncture resistant, and have pockets. When you want a foil pouch but you sterilize via EtO or steam, we have a specialized pouch called Dispos-a-vent® to meet customer need.



Fully customizable across a broad range of applications, our coated lids combine the right combination of materials and adhesives to meet your sterilization and packaging specifications. We are the industry leader with numerous options including SealScience® water-based, Xhale® hot-melt adhesives and our exclusive Osurance® zone-coated lidding that eliminates adhesive exposure to a device.


Roll Stock

Superior adhesive performance is the hallmark of our roll stock solutions for lidding and thermoform-fill-and-seal applications. With exceptional coatings like Xhale® hot-melt or SealScience® water-based adhesives, our roll stock provides high value superior seals and performance when it counts. We are also the only industry leader to provide Osurance® zone coated roll stock lidding to deliver even more performance benefits.


Clipless Dispensers

Traditional clipped dispensers for coiled guidewire and catheter dispensing generate excessive waste, packaging bulk, and have the potential to break free during shipping and use in the OR. The award-winning patented one-piece Clipless Dispenser addresses these challenges with a sleek, slim and symmetrical design that is optimized for retention of a device during shipping, storage and ease of use during surgical procedures. The Clipless Dispenser material is pre-qualified for biocompatibility using HDPE and PE tubing following 2Xs 100% EtO and Gamma sterilization, and has passed three years of real-time aging. The tubing may be manufactured in various sizes and lengths to accommodate any guidewire or catheter size, and is thermally bonded for superior security without clips or adhesives .



For a complete all-in-one packaging system, our Dispenser Integrated System Kit (DISK) includes a Clipless Dispenser thermally bonded to a CleanCut Card to provide additional retention and packaging of procedurally related components such as syringes, luers, and needles. Our Clipless Dispensers are manufactured in our ISO certified Class 8 cleanroom and then transported into our Class Class 7 cleanroom for additional assembly, cleaning, inspection, double polybagging and labeling .



Dual Hoop Catheter DISK

Looking to eliminate additional catheter and guidewire packaging? The DISK has been further enhanced by adding a second coiled hoop to the CleanCut Card.  This entirely new packaging solution for distributing different size catheters in one system, eliminates the need for additional catheter packaging and significant cost savings are realized. The DISK reduces packaging, waste, time and shelf space .




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Oliver Healthcare Packaging
E: [email protected]
T: 833.4OLIVER

445 Sixth Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504, United States
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