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  • Toray Toyolac®
  • Toray Raytela®
  • Toray Toyolac®
  • Toray Raytela®
  • Toray Toyolac®
  • Toray Raytela®
  • Toray Toyolac®
  • Toray Toraysee for ES – Sterilized Medical Optical Lens Wiping Cloth

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461 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, New York, 10017, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, FDA Registered, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


TORAY Toray is a world class, global, integrated, chemical industry group with businesses in 26 countries and markets worldwide. In 2018, Toray's sales exceeded $22 Billion and employed over 45,000 people worldwide.

Toray combines nanotechnology with its core technologies of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology. These advanced basic materials technologies are applied to develop products in the chemicals, plastics, films, fibers, textiles, composites, pharmaceuticals and medical market segments.

Toray's "Innovation by Chemistry" is applied in the medical market to create unique materials that benefit cutting edge products and provide more effective treatments at lower cost and less risk than predicate products.

MATERIALS CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES Carbon fiber composites for extract free imaging, hollow fibers that filter blood, plastic that is biocompatible yet more cost effective and easier to mold than commonly used products. You can look to Toray to deliver advanced materials to you for improved manufacturing and better and more cost-competitive medical products. With our advanced medical materials, your devices and products are destined to succeed. The world is full of possibilities and materials can change our lives.

  • Transparent ABS Resin
  • Polymer Optical Fiber
  • Micro Fiber Material

Transparent ABS Resin Toray was the first, and is the world's largest manufacturer of transparent ABS. Toray's proprietary Toyolac® compound is a unique, transparent ABS with superior injection molding and machining qualities made specifically for the medical market.

Toyolac® is a popular thermoplastic due to its low cost, superior hardness, toughness and resistance properties. These properties have found application in thousands of products worldwide.

Toyolac® is a FDA Drug Master File registered material that is USP Class 6 tested and meets ISO 10993 for biocompatibility. Specific tests include -4 for blood interactions, -5 for in vitro cytoxicity, -10 for irritation & skin sensitization and -11 for systemic cytotoxicity.

Toyolac® has been found to be a very cost effective replacement for many medical applications requiring clear plastic. Applications include housings, infusion sets, dialyzer cartridges and other drug and blood contact devices where a low cost high strength replacement for clear polycarbonate is desired.

  • Biocompatible, Bisphenol-A Free
  • Sterilizable Superior Scratch Resistance, Structural Strength and Stiffness
  • Robust Chemical Resistance for lipids, alcohol and cleaning agents
  • Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance
  • Easy to Machine, Glue and Print. Excellent Solvent Adhesive Properties
For Transparent ABS Resin information contact:
E: [email protected]
T: (612) 979-0613

Polymer Optical Fiber Endoscopy, ureteroscopy, ophthalmic surgery and other procedures require devices that are smaller and can navigate more difficult paths than ever before. Toray has met the increasingly demanding needs for high quality imaging in the minimally invasive surgical market with the Raytela® fiber optic cable.

Toray's Raytela® is a very flexible and highly efficient transmitter of high intensity light. Its greater light efficiency transmission means that it requires less intensity at the light source. An additional special characteristic is the wider degree of light broadcasting at the distal end. This combination of special capabilities results in significantly smaller diameter devices that require fewer light cables.

New devices are being developed to diagnose new disease indications. Many of these devices are required to negotiate significantly more tortuous paths than previously capable. In addition to the smaller diameter, the Raytela® optical fiber can negotiate tight 9mm radius bends and bend back upon itself 180° with no diminution in light intensity.

Available in 4 diameters from 250 µm to 1000 µm, Raytela® is the new standard in optical fibers for medical device illumination.

For Polymer Optical Fiber information contact:
E: [email protected]
T: (612) 979-0613

Micro Fiber Material For Clinical Engineer
Toraysee™ for Clinical Engineer (CE) is a patented wiping cloth which cleanly wipes away dirt that ordinary fibers/wiping cloths cannot. Toraysee™ CE is designed with ultra-fine, 2 micron fibers which function as "micro pockets" and are up to ten times denser than ordinary wiping cloths. These microfibers trap and hold the contaminants and prevents reapplying them back onto the cleaned surface.

Toraysee™ CE wiping cloths remove all types of dirt, including oil films, organic matter and contaminants. Toraysee™ wipes clean more thoroughly than other wiping cloths and are ideal for cleaning and removing contaminants from these applications:
  • Medical equipment
  • Instrument maintenance
  • Medical apparatus
  • Medical workstations
  • Eye examination equipment
Toraysee™ CE wipes can be used wet or dry, according to requirements and can be washed and reused. Additionally, wipes may be used with a wide range of disinfectants when necessary. Toraysee™ CE wipes (10" x 10") are packaged 100 to a carton containing instructions and precautions to follow prior to use.

Micro Fiber Material For Endoscope
Toraysee™ For Endoscope (ES) is a patented, sterilized wiping cloth only for use with medical optical lenses. Ultra-fine, 2 micron fibers made by Toray's technology firmly adhere and trap dirt on lens. "Micro pockets" sequentially take in dirt to ensure excellent wiping performance.

Benefits of Toraysee™ include:
  • Simplifying the process of lens cleaning
  • Reduce staff cleaning time
  • Expedite the scope back to operative field
  • Contributes to securing visibility
  • Reducing manipulation time
  • Can be used in conjunction with anti-fog solution
  • Radiopaque indicator ring included 
Toraysee™ For Endoscope is resistant to fatty dirt and can be used dry or wet as necessary. These are non-reuse wipes and should be discarded after each application. Wipes (10" x 10") are packaged 100 to a carton containing instructions and precautions to follow prior to use.

For Micro Fiber Material information contact:E: [email protected]: (612) 979-0613

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Toray Industries, Inc.

E: [email protected]
T: (612) 979-0613

461 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, New York, 10017, United States
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