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Qualifications: Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


TE Connectivity Medical Products

Innovative Solutions for the Medical Market

TE Medical is an integrated solutions partner with decades of experience developing state-of-the-art products, technologies and manufacturing processes to bring your big ideas to reality and advance medical technology. The recent acquisition of AdvancedCath expands TE’s Medical business and positions the company to be a leading provider of connectivity and sensor solutions in the high-growth medical device market. We can now offer customers an unmatched combination of sensor, material science, electrical and biomedical technologies, and a single source of manufacturing expertise for advanced medical devices.

Imaging: TE leads the way in cable, connector and assembly technology that meets the ergonomic, reliability and pricing needs for the medical diagnostic imaging industry.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic:TE designs and manufactures the therapeutic system interconnects to your specifications for your medical device product. Allow TE to utilize our expertise in molding, cable and interconnect design to provide custom solutions for your patient monitoring device.

InterventionalInterventional catheters integrated with cables and sensors that are minimally invasive and produce high resolution images are efficiently designed for your needs. The combination of connectivity and sensor solutions with AdvancedCath’s expertise in the medical device market provides customers with an unmatched set of capabilities and technologies that enable future innovations and medical advances.

Surgical: TE has decades of experience supplying cable and interconnect solutions to surgical equipment OEMs for minimally-invasive and endoscopy devices.


ConnectorsWe offer an expansive portfolio of interconnect products across an array of industry applications. Recognizing the fundamental truth that ubiquitous connectivity demand is ever-growing, our engineers drive continual portfolio expansion of industry-standard designs along with cutting-edge solutions. TE’s innovation in power, data, and signal connectors and components enables performance you can count on amid the harshest environments.

Sensors: TE is now one of the largest sensor companies in the world, with innovative sensor solutions that help customers transform concepts into smart, connected creations. Electronic systems in medical equipment, devices and probes rely on sensor signals as a basis for control activities, accurate diagnosis and treatment. TE designs and manufactures sensors to exacting specifications for the rigors of medical applications, with ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration for various products. Our engineers provide full support of application-specific, standard and custom requirements, from product concept through manufacturing.

Molded Parts & InterconnectsTE utilizes extensive industry experience, in-house tooling and optimized facilities to allow for the design of unique components, housings and flex-reliefs for your state-of-the-art medical products.  Features include custom over-molding and molded interconnect devices (MIDs).

Wire & CableWire and cable are at the core of our expertise in connecting your medical device with patients. Whether you require high data rates, hundreds of signal lines in a small, ergonomic package, an optimized single-use solution or a durable, reusable power/video cable, we will be your cable technology partner.

Medical TubingTE has more than 50 years of proven expertise in the material formulation, extrusion, irradiation and expansion of high performance heat-shrink tubing. TE's medical-grade heat-shrink tubing can be used as an aid to delicate catheter assembly processes.

Precision Metal StampingTE specializes in precision metal stamping, including various die capabilities, progressive forming and high-speed processes. From design, to tooling and production, our in-plant shops support your critical projects utilizing vertically integrated processes to provide you with contacts, lead frames, brackets and complex geometric forms.

Customized Solutions

With TE, you get more than just a components supplier. You get an integrated solutions partner who can develop your idea from design to prototype to manufacturing and assembly. The value we provide helps you compete, including:

  • Engineering expertise — Early design collaboration takes you from concept to production, and more.
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities — We create components or fully functional devices where and when you want, including contract manufacturing.
  • Global footprint — Get better responsiveness and access to emerging markets.
  • Focus on the end user — We design for ergonomics, small spaces, high speed, high performance, and reliable connectivity.

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6271 Bury Drive, Eden Prairie, MN, 55346, United States
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