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Porex, Filtration Group Company Profile

  • PTFE Sheets
  • 5 Micron Syringes
  • Pipette Tip Filters
  • SQ Easy
  • Wicks (Lateral Flow Media)
  • Dialysis Media Retention Filters
  • Saliva Wick
  • Serogolgical Pipette Filters
  • Inline Reagent Filters
  • IV Catheter Vent
  • Serum Filters
  • Suction Canister Filter
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA Registered, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Porex’s Custom Solutions

Porex Corporation, a member company of the Filtration Group, takes pride in almost 60 years of partnering with our customers to deliver engineering and design innovations that turn their product ideas into reality. Through a collaborative engineering partnership, Porex develops high-value solutions to our customers’ product design challenges in absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking. These material solutions can be used in medical device, analytical sciences, in-vitro diagnostics, and advanced wound care applications to improve performance and consistency. The Certified Pure POREX™ program substantiates the purity of POREX filters and materials via comprehensive testing conducted by independent laboratories. With unmatched engineering experience, stringent regulatory and quality standards, and an extensive global footprint, POREX® solutions form the standard of material excellence to bring your next product to life – and create a safer, healthier, and more productive world. Visit Porex at

If you’d like a sample of our capabilities, it’s easy to Request A Sample or if you have questions you can Ask An Engineer.

However, if you want to learn more about porous polymers, you can check out our Webinar Series.


Suction Canister Filters

Protect central vacuum system lines from contaminants in collection canisters

Hospital central vacuum systems support many devices used in surgical procedures. Designed to be self-sealing, our POREX® suction canister filters help maintain the integrity of these systems. POREX® suction canister filters effectively filter the air and protect the vacuum system lines from contaminants in the fluid contained within the collection canister.

Comprised of porous plastic containing a functional additive, our suction canister filters behave as a valve by automatically and instantly shutting off airflow from the collection canister when collected fluids come in contact with the filter.  

With its single-body design that meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needs for high-volume, single press-fit assembly, POREX suction canister filters:

  • Prevent infections –Self-sealing design prevents infectious fluid from entering the hospital central vacuum lines.
  • Meet specific airflow and filtration requirements – Optimized designs have high airflow and high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), thereby preventing infections.
  • Can be designed as a single component for easier, press-fit assembly eliminating the cost and complexity of multi-part mechanical valves.


Pre-Analytic Serum Filters

Effectively filter blood serum samples of problematic gel and fibrin

POREX® FILTER SAMPLER® Blood Serum Filters are the industry leading sample filtering system used for the separation of serum or plasma from centrifuged blood specimens contained in the standard 16, 13 or 10.25mm evacuated blood collection tubes.

Specifically designed to function as a three-in-one filtration system that filters, pipettes and stores samples, the Filter Sampler system allows for up to seven days in primary tube storage and reduce the need for re-collects. These clinical laboratory devices:

Pre-Analytic Serum Filters

  • Protect sample integrity and instrument performance – FILTER SAMPLER technology eliminates gel particulate and fibrin in the sample, which can interfere with assay and methodology results.
  • Improve efficiency – Reduce instrument downtime and allow direct sample access rather than secondary container pour-off.
  • Extend storage life – CERTIFIED PURE POREX® FILTER SAMPLER is independently tested to allow for up to even-day serum storage in the primary blood collection tube.


Safety IV Catheter Vents

Protect healthcare workers from pathogen exposure when using IV catheters.

POREX® safety IV catheter vents are self-sealing vent components assembled into a safety IV catheter device. This medical device is inserted into a patient’s vein to serve several important functions: to obtain blood samples from patients, to introduce fluids such as sterile saline, or to administer drugs such as IV antibiotics.

The self-sealing POREX safety IV catheter vents immediately shut off upon contact with fluids - including blood – thereby eliminating blood bypass in the “flashback chamber” to protect healthcare employees from exposure to blood and bloodborne pathogens.

Compatible with gamma, e-beam, and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization processes, our safety IV catheter vents:

  • Protect healthcare employees from exposure – The vent’s “self-sealing” ability to immediately shut off upon contact with fluids eliminates fluid bypass and protects healthcare employees from blood and bloodborne pathogens.
  • Meet airflow requirements – Optimized design provides desired airflow and pressure drop characteristics under venous pressure.
  • Can be customized to specific assembly needs – Vent designs can be optimized for integrating into specific devices and for high-volume automated assembly

INLINE™ Reagent and Degassing Filter

Protects instruments by degassing, and trapping particles as small as 10 microns

POREX® INLINE™ Filters are used for filtering laboratory reagents, gas, air, fuel and a variety of other liquids.  Technicians all around the world choose our inline air and gas filters for their most important applications.

  • Torturous Flow Path Traps Particulates – Solid polyethylene housing and filter traps particles as small as 10um.
  •  Wide Range of Pore Sizes Available – Available in 10um, 25um and 125um pore sizes, and length of 2.394” (60.81 mm).    
  •  ASTM Level Retention Efficiency – Per ASTM F795-88 in water with particle sizes of 35-30um.



Serological Pipette Filters

Higher performance and aerosol protection with customized solutions

Protect serological pipettes and samples from contamination, fast draw uptake, and unintentional sample expulsion with a family of customizable aerosol barrier filters.

Tailored to meet the correct fit, air flow, and volume placement within your pipettes, our serological filters protect lab personnel, maintain productivity and:

Serological Pipette Filters

  • Safeguard samples – Use aerosol barrier filters versus use of cotton or colored plugs.
  • Improve quality and safety – Reduces fast draw sample uptake and stop samples from exiting the pipette.
  • Minimize accidental exposure – Decreases exposure to hazardous substances and the need for internal syringe filters.


Saliva and Urine Collection

Pure and precise components for your rapid tests

Proprietary coatings optimize our collection media’s capability to reduce potential contamination by minimizing non-specific binding.  Our sample collection media’s custom wicking and absorption properties enable the safe collection, absorption and release of sample in order to:

Saliva Wick

  • Reduce interference for better results – Pure materials enhance sample integrity that minimizes non-specific binding, resulting in higher recovery of analytes and more accurate results.
  • Provide fast, controlled flow of sample – Customized capillary material structure provides wicking and absorption of saliva and urine quickly and efficiently, improving test efficacy and speed. 
  • Enhance options for result indication – Our proprietary technology can offer both visual and physical result indicators, in addition to minimizing non-specific binding, resulting in higher recovery of target analytes.


  • Ideal capillary structure
  • Enhanced functionality with custom overlay
  • Diverse raw material options
  • Flavored for pediatric use
  • Meter dosed loading up to 25%
  • Proprietary method assurance and sample indication technology
  • Optimize media performance through proprietary coatings that minimize non-specific binding and reduce potential contamination.

Materials Offered

  • Advanced porous materials (PE, PP)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bio-activated porous media

Formats available

  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • 3D geometric shapes
  • Molded and Die-cut discs


Dialysis Media Retention Filters

Increase containment of dialysis system media

Designed for depth filtration efficiency, fluid flow, back pressure and excellent chemical and physical resistance, POREX® retention filters provide specified containment of dialysis system media, such as those that utilize concentrated liquid sodium bicarbonate.

Trusted by manufacturers around the world, our customized retention filters:

  • Provide specific containment – Customized filters provide containment of dialysis system media, including those systems that use concentrated liquid sodium bicarbonate.
  • Increase filtration efficiency – Designed for depth filtration, fluid flow, back pressure and excellent chemical and physical resistance of dialysis media. The depth filter provides a more complete and secure filtration vs. typical screen filters.
  • Can be customized – Tailored to accommodate specific device design requirements of dialysis media.


Lateral Flow Media

Greater efficiency with innovative technology

From Point-Of-Care (POC) diagnostics to large-scale automated lab-testing systems, our lateral flow media help manage sample flow quickly and efficiently. Containing highly customizable capillary action and developed using industry-leading manufacturing techniques, our portfolio of sample pads, conjugate pads, absorbent pads and waste pads:

Wicks (Lateral Flow Media)

  • Improve test sensitivity, specificity and speed – POREX® can engineer custom geometries, material formulations, and capillary structures, to enhance the performance and functionality of your test platform.
  • Function with a wide range of sample types – Providing quick wicking, absorption, controlled delivery and precise collection of various samples including blood, serum, urine and saliva.
  • Enhance both visual and physical indications – Diverse raw material options combined with proprietary manufacturing techniques enhance the surface energy and recovery of analytes, reduce viscosity and minimize non-specific binding.


  • Ideal capillary structure
  • Enhanced functionality with custom overlay
  • Diverse raw material options
  • Non-abrasive/compressible
  • Customizable – shape, color
  • Complex geometries – defined fiber shapes
  • Gradient density capabilities for enhanced product functionality
  • Precise control of fluid to meet application needs
  • Preferential flow based on fiber alignment & density gradients
  • Meter dosed loading up to 25%

 Materials Offered

  • Advanced porous materials (PE, PP)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bioactivated porous media

Formats Available

  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • 3D geometric shapes
  • Molded and Die-cut discs



Simplify sample preparation for greater efficiency

SQ-EASY® PreFilters are a self-contained, positive closure sample preparation system that collects, filters, transfers and stores buffers, serum, plasma, urine, stool, blood, saliva and other liquid or viscous bodily fluids and tissues.

SQ-EASYOur SQ-EASY® PreFilters simplify your sample preparation by:

  • Reducing cost and minimizing errors – The SQ-EASY® prefilter Incorporates multiple steps of sample preparation into one convenient system.  Separately sold components allow for flexibility in tube size and filtration efficiency.
  • Ensuring purity of PCR-ready materials – The delivery of pure, clean material allows for use in clinical or molecular diagnostic testing, PCR methodologies and other DNA/RNA extraction procedures.
  • Customizing specific functionality needs – Functional materials can be added to help isolate analytes, allowing for customization.

FORTRESS® Pipette Tip Filters

Greater protection from aerosols and aspirated liquids

Our new FORTRESS® Pipette Tip Filters offer a liquid-sealing barrier devoid of any contaminates or additives that can cause PCR, molecular, or analytical methodology and protocol issues.

Specifically designed to protect the sample and the pipetter from harmful aerosols generated during the pipetting process or from liquid aspirated into pipette tips, our filters:

Pipette Tip Filters

  • Ensure purity – Non-leachable and extractable sample recovery is backed by the CERTIFIED PURE POREX® program of independent analytical, clinical, and life science testing.
  • Protect sample integrity – Seals out aerosols and liquid contaminates while preventing cross-contamination and sample carryover.
  • Improve accuracy and precision – Design is optimized for maximum consistency in air flow, form, fit, and function across a broad spectrum of pipetting volumes.



PTFE Sheets

Provide unmatched protection for everyday devices

From smartphones to electric toothbrushes, consumers use multiple devices each day. To protect electronic enclosures, cell phones, digital cameras, headphones, wearables and more, our team of experts designed POREX® Virtek™ IP rated protection vents.

The advantage of our POREX Virtek™ vents assures your electronic devices are protected. Compared to other materials, our protection vents are:

  • Tougher and more durable than expanded PTFE and can withstand handling, ultrasonic welding and heat bonding, without additional support material.
  • Customizable by shape and performance and available in adhesive discs, sheets, rolls and custom forms and shapes.
  • Easily welded or insert-molded to plastic for permanent bonding.


5 Micron Syringes

Infection Prevention

Increase performance of your infection prevention devices through continuous innovation

Through decades of partnering with the world’s leading companies and brands of infection prevention devices, Porex is the leader in bringing innovation and performance to solve your design challenges in filtering, venting, and wicking applications.  POREX® solutions include sterilization container reusable filters, safety IV catheter vents, suction canister filters, and fume absorbers.  By developing custom solutions to current product design challenges, we help companies innovate new infection prevention products to capture a competitive edge.

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