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E: [email protected]
T: (610) 746-2765

539 S. Main St., Nazareth, PA, 18064, United States
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Qualifications: CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Packworld USA uses TOSS Technology exclusively in all their precision heat sealers.  TOSS Technology is Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC heat sealing.  It is an improved method of impulse heat seaing that overcomes the limitations of simplistic conventional methods.  In addition, it brings advantages to the fabrication and packaging requirements of the Medical/Pharmaceutical/Healthcare and Biotech Industries.  Advantages that are not available with other modes of joining thermoplastic materials.

The Company

PackworldUSA manufactures precision validatable medical heat sealing equipment and vacuum impulse heat sealing machines. From benchtop heat sealers and vacuum/purge heat sealers, PackworldUSA is a leading supplier of validatable heat sealing equipment to the clean room, medical, pharmaceutical and bio tech industries with impulse heat and vacuum pouch sealers.  Our latest machines use Touch Screen technology with information control and documentation capabilities. Clean Room Precision Heat Sealer

Founded on 30 years of hands-on experience in the packaging machine design and manufacturing industry, we have quickly become one of the most recognized brands in the life sciences market. Our sole mission is to design and engineer precision controlled, validatable heat sealing equipment.  We take pride in providing our customers with superior service and continued excellence in the area of Polymer Heat Sealing Solutions.  From our Benchtop models to floor standing production machines, all our machines are designed for markets where high quality, repeatability, and validation are required.

The TOSS Advantage

What sets PackworldUSA apart from all the rest is its use of the high response, state-of-art, TOSS Technology. All our machines come equipped with the advanced TOSS heat sealing system. Unlike other heat sealing methods, only TOSS uses Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC) heat sealing technology to monitor and adjust temperature precisely over the full length and width of the heat sealing element, accurate, up to 500◦C. With TOSS technology, the inherent inconsistencies of thermocouple controls are eliminated and customers are assured of consistent, repeatable seals from one machine to another as well as from the first seal to the last.

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Available Configurations

  • Validatable table top heat sealers pneumatic or all-electric
  • Horizontal or Vertical Styles
  • Pass through and free standing models
  • Touch Screen Models
  • Vacuum and Gas Purge
  • Up to 72” straight bar sealing or custom shapes with our presses
  • High Temperature Applications
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Lab and production standard
  • 30 month warranty – standard

We are GREEN everyday

Sustainable and green initiatives are becoming increasingly important in today's business climate, as companies restructure their supply chains to reduce their carbon footprint, while also improving their bottom line.

PackworldUSA precision heat sealers use 20 to 30 times LESS power than conventional Constant (hot bar) sealers. This is based on power consumptions by comparing same size heat sealing bars. The data was developed taking into account the heat lost from radiation and an estimate of losses from the Hot Bar into the mounting structure.

Constant heat bars have an initial heat up with 550 watts for 30 minutes while Packworld Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC) bands use highe...

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