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T: (610) 648-8023
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1401 King Rd., West Chester, PA, 19380, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe


Brilliant Metals. Precision Manufacturing. Global Supply

With more than 180 years of metallurgical development experience, and a global presence, Johnson Matthey Medical holds the trust of medical device OEMs and manufacturers worldwide in the quality fabrication of component parts.

Offering the broadest, most complete range of capabilities in the fabrication of precious metals and alloys, nitinol or engineered plastics, Johnson Matthey Medical strives to be your single source for quality medical device components. Our comprehensive product line includes tube, wire, sheet and micro-machined parts. We use the most advanced manufacturing processes including EDM, laser cutting, grinding and milling...everything from cut tubing and wire to Nitinol components, micro-machined parts and powder & sputter coatings.

With 5 worldwide manufacturing plants, we have the capacity to meet high-volume demands from the largest medical device manufacturers. And our solid financial strength allows us to quickly ramp up when you are ready to move your design into full production.



Precious Metal:
Rod, Wire & Ribbon – Rod and wire are available in all the standard and special order alloys in sizes ranging from .001" up to .125." Ribbon is available in a variety of Platinum alloys.

  • Sheet & Foil – Rolled to a thickness as small as 0.0007" (0.018mm) and a width of 1.0" to 3.75" (25.4mm to 95.3mm).
  • Tubing – Wall thickness as thin as .001".
  • Marker Bands, Ring Electrodes – Seamless tubing for radiopaque marker bands and other applications conforms to stringent dimensional tolerances and quality standards. Stocking programs available.


  • Tubing – O.D. : 0.008" (0.203mm) to 0.400" (10.16mm) with wall thickness to 0.002" (0.05mm)
  • Wire – Diameters from 0.012 (0.3048mm) to 0.250" (6.35mm). NitiBrite™ (with an improved, bright, oxide-free surface) is available in diameters from 0.016" to 0.040" in continuous spooled lengths.
  • Sheet & Foil – Sheet with thicknesses from 0.002" (0.051mm) to 0.080" (2.03mm). Width to 3.75" (95.3mm). Foil with thicknesses from 0.0007" (0.0127mm) to 0.002" (0.051mm). Width to 3.00" (76.2mm)
  • Components – Many unique components are fabricated into a wide variety of applications. In-house value-added processes include shape setting, laser cutting and drilling, etching and cleaning processes. Consult our website or contact us directly for complete capabilities.


  • Wire EDM – produces exceptionally precise, complex shapes made from sheet, tube & wire.
  • Grinding, Milling & Turning – centerless, profile and CNC surface grinding.
  • Coating & Electroplating – may be necessary when the innate characteristics of two different materials are required. We offer a variety of processes for rod, wire and hypotubes. Platinum powder coatings, gold coating, or sputter coating

Other Products:

  • Biomed™ Series Alloys – Radiopaque alternative to Platinum
  • Hypotubes – from prototype through high-volume production
  • Machined Plastics – centerless grinding, milling & turning machining processes available

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Johnson Matthey, Inc.
E: [email protected]
T: (610) 648-8023
F: (610) 648-8111

1401 King Rd., West Chester, PA, 19380, United States
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