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  • PTFE Tubing
  • Fluoropolymer Tubing
  • Thermoplastic Tubing
  • Assembly & Secondary Operations
  • Multi-Lumen & Profile Tubing
  • Heatshrink Tubing
  • Braid & Coil Reinforced Tubing
  • Custom Material Compounding
E: [email protected]
T: (610) 559 9000
F: (610) 559 1919

12 McFadden Rd., Easton, PA, 18045, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Transforming challenges into solutions.

At Fluortek, Inc., we do more than manufacture medical tubing. We transform your biggest challenges into your most effective solutions.

Since 1980, Fluortek has been creating custom solutions for the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. Specializing in the creation of precision plastic extrusions engineered to custom requirements and unique applications, we continue to set new production and quality expectations in custom dimensioned tubing. From conceptual design to product engineering, from raw materials to finished extrusion, Fluortek’s experience and process technology ensure that our finished product will help you make the most of yours.

Fluortek’s team of specialized professionals includes product development, manufacturing, and polymer engineers, each experienced across a variety of medical device applications. Our expansive production facility allows us to work with a wide range of fluoropolymer and thermoplastic materials. Our comprehensive component assembly services provide the ideal complement to our production capabilities.

Every extrusion that leaves the Fluortek manufacturing facility is a custom product, designed to the exact needs of our customer. Combine that with the industry’s most accessible and responsive customer service staff, and it’s clear why Fluortek is chosen every day by medical device manufacturers around the world. Fluortek helps you push your solutions further than ever before.

PTFE Tubing

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom PTFE tubing for the medical industry, Fluortek offers a unique range of PTFE extrusion options delivering maximum surface lubricity, high chemical and thermal resistance, biocompatibility, and/or exact extrusion tolerances.

Fluoropolymer Tubing

Fluortek fluoropolymer tubing is created through a proprietary compounding/blending process that provides custom color and radiopaque fillers while maintaining strict process control.

From pellet to product, Fluortek processes an array of fluoropolymer materials including FEP, PFA, PCTFE, ETFE, PVDF, ECTFE, and EFEP. Fluortek is one of the few companies in the world with expertise across all of these raw materials.  

Thermoplastic Tubing

Fluortek manufactures a wide range of thermoplastic materials including polyolefins, TPUs, TPEs, and polyamides. Benefits include high impact strength, ease of bondability, flexibility, and wide durometer range.

Assembly & Secondary Operations

One of Fluortek’s advantages is our ability to manufacture custom precision tubing while providing expert in-house assembly and secondary operations. Fluortek can deliver nonsterile partially finished or fully assembled devices to your exact specifications.

Multi-Lumen & Profile Tubing

Fluortek offers multi-lumen, OD profile, and taper/bump extruded configurations designed for complex tubing applications, available in an array of materials and custom compounds. We welcome existing designs or can help you engineer the configuration that best meets your needs.

Heatshrink Tubing

Fluortek’s custom heatshrink tubing is available for a wide variety of medical applications. Expert engineering guarantees optimal functionality, and custom sizes, shrink ratios, and shrink force ensure that your shrink tubing is tailored to your exact requirements. Peelable PE heatshrink tubing is available for post-process removal.

Braid & Coil Reinforced Tubing

Whether you require flexibility, high kink resistance, or exceptional pushability and torque properties, Fluortek customizes braid and coil reinforced tubing to your exact specifications. Custom sizes and designs are available for a wide range of applications; an array of braid/coil materials and patterns are available.

Custom Material Compounding

Fluortek’s compounding expertise allows us to provide custom solutions for today’s most exacting medical device needs. High-quality resins combined with our proprietary compounding process mean the best possible material for any application you may have, from small R&D runs to large-quantity production.

From design to production, throughout every phase of the manufacturing process, Fluortek makes the most of innovative ideas that benefit product development, reduce overall project costs, and ensure precision performance. Our goal is to create solutions that drive your company’s growth.

For more information or to request a quote, visit or call 610-559-9000.

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Fluortek Inc.
E: [email protected]
T: (610) 559 9000
F: (610) 559 1919

12 McFadden Rd., Easton, PA, 18045, United States
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