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E: [email protected]
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299 Jefferson Rd., Parsippany, NJ, 07054, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: Europe, Worldwide


Evonik, the creative industrial group from Germany, is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals.  As a technology leader for PMMA molding compounds with decades of experience, we supply specialty acrylic compounds to the medical device sector. Our resins are used in a wide range of applications, including medical devices, medical diagnostics and medical packaging.  Evonik’s high quality standards and wide range of innovative acrylic products help our customers improve their product performance and grow their sales.

The Evonik Edge

Why select Evonik for your medical polymer needs:

  • Dedication to the medical device, medical packaging  and diagnostic industries for over 40 years
  • Never discontinue a polymer grade in use by the medical or diagnostic industry
  • The broadest selection of BPA-free medical grade acrylic compounds  for medical, diagnostic and packaging applications
  • Excellent technical support with expertise in polymer science and molding and extrusion processes
  • Multiple antimicrobial polymers to address Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s)
  • Global sales and supply support including Asia, Europe,  and South America
Overview of Products:

CYROLITE® compounds (G-20, G-20 HIFLO®, GS-90, CG-97, Med 2 and Protect) offer the very best balance of properties for MedicalDevice Applications.

  • All grades of CYROLITE® compounds are engineered for applications where gamma or e-beam sterilization is required, with no loss in properties.
  • CYROLITE® compounds  can withstand the rigors of EtO sterilization protocols.
  • CYROLITE® compounds are easy to process and can be used for very intricate to very large medical device parts.
  • All grades are tough, transparent, bondable and chemical resistant.
  • All grade are BPA and DEHP free

CYROLITE® ProtectCYROLITE® grades with antimicrobial properties intended for use with FDA – regulated Class I and Class II medical devices covered by 510(k) PMN submission.

XT® Polymer

XT® polymer has a long history on use in medical device packaging.

  • Cost effective – its rigidity allows for down gaging sheet thickness to save cost.
  • Strong – outstanding crush and impact strength
  • Clear – very high light transmission with low haze
  • Rigid – outstanding corner and wall strength – excels at deep draw packaging
  • Sterilizable – compatible with EtO, gamma* and Ebeam*. No silicone contamination worries since it denests easily with the need for silicone denesting agents.
    * In thin gauge applications

CYREX 200-8005 acrylic-polycarbonate alloy, an advanced alloy, is formulated specifically for the medical industry.

  • Unique combination of properties that will enhance the performance of devices that are opaque.
  • Exhibits exceptional toughness characteristics.
  • Is chemically resistant to both alcohol and lipids.
  • It is EtO, e-beam and gamma sterilizable, and easy to process.
  • Can be processed at lower temperatures than-polycarbonate material, decreasing the cooling time which decreases the cycle time of an injection molding process.

CYREX® ProtectCYREX® grade with antimicrobial properties intended for use with FDA – regulated Class I and Class II medical devices covered by 510(k) PMN submission.


Vu-Statstatic dissipative acrylic multipolymer compounds are transparent, electro-static dissipative compounds that have outstanding ESD properties and an excellent balance of mechanical, thermal and flow properties.

  • Vu-Stat compounds provide permanent ESD protection for parts that are sensitive to static discharge.
  • Vu-Stat compounds for medical device applications requiring a transparent, tough, anti-static compound.
  • Applications  involve  inhalation drug delivery where a static-free mouthpiece and spacer mean more of the drug is delivered to the patient.
  • In bracheotherapy applications, a static-free needle hub environment makes delivery of radioactive materials to the patient much easier.
  • Vu-Stat compounds are inherently anti-static and do not depend on relative humidity to deliver static-free results.
  • The material retains permanent static dissipative properties even after many washings.
Typical applications of Evonik medical polymers

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Evonik Corporation
E: [email protected]
T: (800) 225-0172

299 Jefferson Rd., Parsippany, NJ, 07054, United States
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