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E: [email protected]
T (877) 734-7456

8999 Fraserton Court, Burnaby, BC, V5J 5H8, Canada
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA Registered, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Creation Technologies is a global top-25 and North American top-10 electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider with business units around the world: Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and China.

We focus on building premier customer relationships with companies requiring high-mix, high-complexity start-to-finish manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the Industrial & Instrumentation, Medical, Communications & Wireless, Computing & Media, Transportation, Defense, Security & Aerospace and Environmental industries.

Why do over 200 Original Equipment Manufacturers choose us as their EMS provider of choice?

  • True Strategic Alignment with Our Customers' Businesses
  • World-Class Capabilities with a Strong Local Presence
  • Superb Manufacturing Quality & Delivery
  • Continued Profitable Growth

Medical Sector: Proven Quality, Traceability & Reliability

ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered, Creation Technologies provides turnkey electronics design and manufacturing for Medical OEMs.

At Creation, we understand that there are distinct considerations required in the design and manufacture of Medical devices to provide the exceptional quality critical to our customers' success. In addition to our ISO 13485 certifications and FDA registrations, our robust processes and specialists in Medical Device Design, Manufacturing and Test ensure speed-to-market, product traceability and reliability for our Medical Device customers.

We have considerable experience in building a wide variety of Medical Devices. From fine, intricate electronics required for cameras used in brain surgery to 15-pound power boards for x-ray instrumentation, Creation has the expertise required to provide you with a complete manufacturing solution through the life of your product.

Additionally, Medical Device design and development is a specialty for our Creation Design Servces team. The Creation Design Services team has more than 25 years of engineering expertise including risk mitigation and product transfer, and imaging, mechanical, fluidics and software development. With extensive experience designing FDA Class I, II and III devices, Creation Design Services is an ideal choice to commercialize your product.

Full Product Design

Complete Product Design Capabilities
Whether you need complete Product Design & Development or some key Engineering Services, at Creation Technologies, we work with our customers to achieve unique solutions for new and evolving product requirements.

Our expert team can provide you with standalone Product Design services.

Our team can also provide you with an end-to-end solution that takes your product from design concept and pilot builds, to production in one of our 10 manufacturing locations around the world, to after-market repair and recycling.

Either way, you're in great hands.

Creation Design Services:
A Track Record of Significant Cost Reduction & Time-to-Market

Creation Design Services is Creation's Product Design & Development team of 55+ Design Engineers, conveniently located in our 2 Design Centers: one in Denver, CO and one in Milwaukee, WI.

For two decades, our Design Services team has helped more than 300 companies—Fortune 500s and start-ups alike—to capitalize on their ideas and commercialize their products.

We have experience designing and commercializing products across industries including Industrial & Instrumentation, Communications, Defense, Security & Aerospace, and we specialize in complete Medical product development under an ISO 13485-registered and compliant process, including project planning and management.

Creation Design Services provides a full spectrum of engineering services, from concept development to sustaining engineering, and has expertise across a broad array of disciplines, including optical/imaging, electrical, mechanical industrial, fluidics and software development. In concert with Creation’s 13 manufacturing facilities in 4 countries, Creation Design Services is expert in project planning, prototyping and facilitating seamless transfer to manufacturing of its customers’ products.

We partner with you to create products that are innovative, reliable, and engineered for maximum performance throughout their entire lifecycle.

Click here to learn more about our turnkey design services.

Creation Design Services: Sample Product Design Expertise


Creation Design Services, Medical Product Development Expertise

Medical Design Excellence:

Immuno-Multiplexed Serological Testing

Complete Development & Build in 24 Weeks

Optical Development
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • LED Excitation & Multiple Filters
Mechanical Development
  • Complete Robotics – 7 Axis of Motion
  • Fluidics – Dispense & Aspiration
  • Chassis & Enclosure – IPX 45
Electronics Development
  • Embedded Control with Touchscreen
  • IEC 60601 & IEC 61010 Compliance
Software Design & Development

User Interface Design

  • Intuitive Multi-Language
  • Ergonomic
Data Management Software
  • Definition of Requirements
  • Risk Analysis
  • Verification
  • Operating System & Development Tools
  • Configuration Management

Creation Design Services: Extensive Design Capabilities

Creation Design Services' iterative process provides complete solutions from concept to production, including:

  • Concept & Feasibility
  • Project Planning & Risk Analysis
  • System Architecture
  • Program Management
  • Rapid Design & Development
  • Optical &Imaging, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Fluidics, Test, Software, Firmware
  • Regulatory Guidance & Compliance
  • System Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Verification & Validation
  • Technology Transfer
  • Transitional Manufacturing
  • Saleable Production
  • Production Scale-Up
  • Sustaining Engineering
Lean Operations

Electronics manufacturing is a complex and dynamic business. Creation Technologies' dedicated teams manage risk to meet our customers’ changing needs along with evolving industry requirements.

Drawing on experience and aptitude, these teams pilot start-to-finish solutions that are ideal for your high-mix, high-complexity products. Flexible and adaptable, our solutions enable our customers to excel in their own marketplaces. NPI through to final systems integration, Creation’s manufacturing operations aim to maximize performance and capitalize on great ideas.

Along with our entrepreneurial spirit, Creation’s commitment to continuous improvement means our customers can rely on us for the realization of their ideas, current and future.

At Creation Technologies, we deliver what we promise. 

Our Operational Expertise
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Board-Level Manufacturing
  • Full Systems Integration
  • Test Strategy & Development
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement

Supply Chain Leverage

Integrated Model for Fully Leveraged & Personalized Solutions

Creation’s multi-dimensional supply chain solution provides maximum flexibility and responsiveness through a unified and strategic approach.

From the quotation stage, we work with you to devise an initial costing and sourcing strategy based on your specific product requirements.

Drawing on our strategic partnerships with Best-in-Class suppliers, a dedicated team conducts ongoing spend analysis to identify cost-reduction opportunities and mitigate risk through structured part life-cycle management.

Our integrated supply chain model continues in our Customer-Focused Teams, where we are focused on getting the right parts at the right time. Automatic replenishment techniques and Point of Use inventory minimize administrative constraints and enable our Supply Chain Specialists to focus on you.

In Shenzhen, our team of supply chain experts in our International Purchasing Office has established local supply streams to achieve lower landed costs and continuity of supply for custom product. This local presence allows us to deliver a complete solution when sourcing goods offshore and produces premium quality, cost-effective solutions.

From New Product Introduction through End Of Life, Creation’s Supply Chain success lies in our focus on building systems and relationships – internal and external – which allow us to capitalize on our expertise to meet your goals.

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Creation Technologies
E: [email protected]
T (877) 734-7456

8999 Fraserton Court, Burnaby, BC, V5J 5H8, Canada
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Creation Design Services Denver, USA - Design Center
500 Corporate Circle, Suite A
Golden, CO
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Creation Design Services Milwaukee, USA - Design Center
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Creation Technologies Changzhou, China - Manufacturing Facility
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110 Clegg Road
Markham, Ontario
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Creation Technologies Vancouver - Manufacturing Facility
8999 Fraserton Court
Burnaby, British Columbia
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