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Carlisle Medical Technologies Company Profile
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100 Tensolite Dr, Saint Augustine, FL, 32092, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) designs and manufactures high-performance interconnect solutions, electrical cable, fiber optic and harness assemblies for medical device OEMs. The company’s advanced solutions include ruggedized reusable assemblies, ergonomic/lightweight constructions and cost-optimized disposables that are designed to meet custom and of-the-shelf OEM requirements for a variety of medical device markets.

CarlisleIT’s performance promise is to exceed customer expectations by developing innovative products that are delivered on time with superior quality and world-class customer support.

Wire & Cable
CarlisleIT combines over 50 years of cable-manufacturing expertise with world-class capabilities to meet and exceed customers’ unique performance specifications. The company’s innovative assemblies are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigorous environmental demands your device requires.  CarlisleIT also offers standard and custom wire harness fabrication and assembly. Whether you require harness solutions for integrating an operating room, controlling a medical device, or customizing power and data interconnects, CarlisleIT has the expertise you require.


  • High-speed video cable
  • High-performance power cable
  • Disposable electrosurgical cable
  • Complex harness assemblies
  • Harsh environment fiber optics
  • Hybrid cable assemblies

Features include:

  • Silicone jackets
  • 5 ps/ft skew control
  • Roadmap to 5.0 Gb/s performance (per twisted pair)
  • Controlled & balanced impedance at 100 Ω differential
  • Highly flexible shield construction
  • Parylene coating

High-Reliability Interconnects
CarlisleIT provides interconnect solutions encompassing every facet of design and production through extensive vertical integration. Vertical integration and extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure that quality and on-time delivery are never compromised. CarlisleIT provides in-process testing to measure characteristic impedance, capacitance, dielectric withstanding voltage and time delay mismatch.


  • World’s largest supply of precision contacts
  • Card-edge connectors
  • Circular connectors
  • Circular receptacles
  • RF/microwave connectors


  • Various contact sizes & configurations
  • Non-locking design
  • Advanced sterilization withstand
  • Silicone designs for autoclavability
  • Optimized material selection and plating

With over 120 engineers and test personnel on staff, CarlisleIT has the expertise and equipment to meet all of your engineering, development, and qualification needs in-house.

Using creative design and efficient material specification, CarlisleIT provides a turnkey approach to creating solutions that offer flexibility for a wide range of product design and application needs. Our dedicated professional staff takes the time necessary to research complex system specifications, source optimum components and use only high quality materials. Each design is then tailored for the individual scope and requirements of the specific application or system type.

Custom Molding
CarlisleIT offers a complete line of molding and potting services to support customized thermoplastic and thermo rubber requirements.


  • Plastic components
  • Custom enclosures
  • Overmold strain reliefs
  • Electrosurgical handpieces


  • In-house design and tooling
  • 3D design validation
    • Pro/ENGINEER
    • Moldflow
    • Microwave Studio

Testing & Sterilization
CarlisleIT assemblies are designed and manufactured to withstand the unique environmental demands your device requires.


  • Custom designed cable and assembly level testing with the world’s most advanced equipment:
    • Cable Assembly Flex and Torsion
    • Tensile & Mate-Demate
    • Gurney
    • Drop
  • Computer interface for real-time data logging
  • In-house advanced sterilization
    • Sterrad 100NX
    • Autoclave with pre-vac
    • Steris System IE
    • Industrial dishwasher

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E: [email protected]
T (800) 227-5953

100 Tensolite Dr, Saint Augustine, FL, 32092, United States
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