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One Razor Blade Lane, Verona, VA, 24482, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA Registered, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


AccuTec Blades, Inc. designs and engineers precision blades in global partnerships with medical distributors and manufacturers of material processing equipment. AccuTec is recognized as a world leader in innovative surgical, histology, food, fiber, glass, flooring, and DIY blades and bladed solutions. For 140 years, from the time the original Star Razor moved to the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, our company has been providing manufacturers and distributors with specialty blades that improve efficiency and quality so that they, in turn, can best serve their customers.

But what we did yesterday is never good enough. As technology evolves, so have our capabilities, and, today, our products step up to the demands of highly advanced manufacturing enterprises requiring high-performance blades and bladed tools. In keeping with this commitment to advancing our products, we have also given ourselves a new name that personifies precision engineering—AccuTec Blades! 

GEM® and PERSONNA® Cleanroom-Ready Blades and Gem Runner™ Blade Dispenser
AccuTec single edge blades are designed and engineered in a variety of configurations, materials, and coatings for medical OEMS to use in clean rooms and for applications such as catheter and bioprosthetics manufacturing. GEM® and PERSONNA® are heritage brands that continue live up to their reputations for the highest quality blade performance.

AccuTec also offers Gem Runner™, the only reloadable pop-up blade dispenser on the market. Gem Runner™ holds 100/90-count .009", .012" heavy duty precision-ground 2 or 3-facet single-edge blades available as stainless, carbon, steel; coated and uncoated; degreased and/or washed. More information about Gem Runner™ is available at

AccuTecs DermaBlade® is the ideal tool for shave biopsies, providing a dermatologist with a sterile, flexible and coated blade that outperforms traditional bladed products by reducing patient tissue trauma during the shave biopsy procedure. Because DermaBlade® comes ready-to-use, dermatologists and general practitioners alike are adopting this flexible, sterile and coated blade for the removal and examination of lesions, moles, and other skin tissue.

AccuTec Blades also offers a complete line of surgical prep razors, long term care razors and double edge blades. Personna®DermaGard® safety prep razors feature a specially designed comb and “wrapped blade,” which prevents nicks, scratches, and other micro-abrasions.

AccuTec is launching new microtome blades for the use in histology biopsy samples for cancer detection.  The Personna® microtome blade will provide histologists with unrivaled clarity of sample, minimal compression, and the quality performance that is required for effective sample creation and screening. 

Innovative. Inventive. Inspired.
AccuTec Blades epitomizes the American can-do spirit of enterprise and invention. We’re not just about manufacturing. We’re about manufacturing preeminence—being the best possible in all we do. Already recognized as a leader in innovative blades and bladed solutions, we actively plan for what our customers will need in the years to come. We recognize that new ideas inspire new opportunities, and that success engenders success. Our goal is to apply 140 years of blade making knowledge to manufacturing best in class products for medical applications. It is in this spirit that we offer you, our valued customers, our expertise, experience, and exceptional blades.

Headquartered in Verona, Virginia, AccuTec has a second manufacturing facility in Obregon, Mexico. To learn more, visit

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