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Is Made in Seychelles a Solution for Lowest Cost Entry into African Markets?

While medical technology can make a big difference in the overall health of developing nations, these nations have the smallest budgets for that technology. Medical device manufacturers often address this with lower cost, more basic product versions manufactured through contract manufacturers or joint ventures in lower labor cost countries such as China and India. Within many countries in Africa, the high cost of imported medical devices and high sales tariffs can be a challenge, even when the products are manufactured in a low labor cost country. Additionally, products which can’t easily be supported with associated supplies and spare parts may end up unused.

Located in Republic of Seychelles’ International Trade Zone Sector (SITZ), Chelle Medical Limited provides niche contract manufacturing solutions for medical device manufacturers. This whitepaper looks at the key advantages of the Seychelles and the potential benefits of utilizing a Seychelles-based contract manufacturer for light manufacturing of products destined for African nations.

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