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How Can Zippertubing Help Protect Your Components? Watch To Find Out How!

When you’ve been in business for over sixty years, customers expect a lot more from you. The Zippertubing Company prides itself on exceeding that expectation.

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Zippertubing is a highly scalable manufacturer of re-enterable wrap-around and pull through protective coverings for electrical wiring and components. Their innovative products consist of military-grade abrasion protection, specialized heat-shrink, EMI shielding, and thermal management. Customers across a range of industries from power & utilities to commercial electronics, and from medical to industrial robotics take advantage of Zippertubing’s manufacturing capabilities.

Because of the company’s highly skilled in-house engineering and production teams, they are able to design and manufacture targeted custom solutions ranging from one-off products for the aerospace industry to large-scale runs of components for some of the leading automobile manufacturers.

With dozens of fabrics, films, shielding materials, and numerous closure options to choose from, Zippertubing can configure hundreds of thousands of custom solutions that are specific to each customer’s needs.

These materials can be combined together using their automated CNC sewing machines and industrial robots, in conjunction with their highly skilled textile production team. Automated custom die cutting, material sizing and slitting, and laser CNC cutting make unusual shapes and sizes a snap.

The crew at Zippertubing produces their products to last. Zippertubing is ISO and TS certified, so customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

If you’ve got EMI, heat, chafing or virtually any other problem with your electrical wiring or components, The Zippertubing Company has got the team to help solve it! See how at

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