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Case Study: How the U1LiFePRO battery system is redefining electric wheelchairs

When it comes to wheelchair applications, sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries have been the dominant rechargeable option mainly because of their low upfront costs. Now that lithium-ion (Li-ion) has emerged as a safe, energy-dense, reliable alternative, SLA batteries are starting to transition away from being the de-facto power source for electric wheelchairs. Because SLA power sources present several challenges to users of electric wheelchairs, the transition to Li-ion comes as an opportunity to provide a better experience with a lower overall cost of ownership.

In our latest case study, you'll learn about: 

  • End user challenges with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries in electric wheelchair applications
  • Advantages of switching to Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries as power source
  • How Inventus Power's new U1LiFePRO batteries present electric wheelchair OEMs with an opportunity to upgrade their power source and improve the user experience 

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