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Qualifications: ISO 9001, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Leak Testers and Leak Detection Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers


Uson is the pioneer that used technology first developed for NASA and applied it to a variety of leak detection and testing applications in the medical device and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

Uson leak testers are the instruments of choice for medical device manufacturers around the world. With an installed base of thousands, we help you deliver safe, reliable products and protect you from costly recalls. 


You want more than just premium quality products. Uson gives you:

  • Technically knowledgeable people with 25+ years of experience
  • Unrivaled leak testing expertise and knowledge gained over 50 years
  • Customer driven designs for ease of use and proven technology
  • Global network of leak testing experts
  • ISO 9001 and AQDEF Q-DAS Certifications, good understanding of GMP and validation

From aspirators to valves and all other medical devices in between, we help manufacturers perform leak testing using the widest selection of leak detection equipment available from any single source.

Our in-house manufacturing and calibration capabilities give us unsurpassed experience in designing customized test solutions for automated or semi-automated leak detection systems. Look to Uson for lifetime support for your leak testing solution.



628 Differential Pressure Decay Leak Tester: The 628 differential pressure decay leak tester is a cost-effective solution for leak testing a wide range of components using the differential pressure decay method.

Uson’s Model 628 differential pressure decay leak tester is a compact, reliable, and accurate instrument that is ideal as a budget-friendly benchtop option for the medical device industry. Pre-loaded with differential pressure decay, differential vacuum decay, and compensation and calibration programs, the 628 is a powerful leak tester with the capability to collect and transmit a vast amount of data for offline trend analysis and a deep level of insight.

Up to 30 different programs can be created and stored in the instrument’s memory for fast recall of test parameters. Users can choose from five different pressure ranges from vacuum up to 15 bar (150psi) to cover a wide range of applications from medical check valves to automotive radiators and more. Featuring a 4.3” TFT graphic display, 15-degree viewing angle, and large accept/reject lamps, the 628 is ideal for any application requiring positive, non-subjective, results observation.

A backlit user interface makes accessing information easy, while bright, uniquely designed lights on the front panel allow for at-a-glance monitoring from across a room. With a front-mounted challenge port, easy-to-clean user interface, and rear-mounted regulator, the 628 is designed for the requirements of a busy laboratory environment.  Additionally, the menu system is intuitively structured to make setup and operation practically effortless.

The new 628 leak tester provides users on a tight budget with the precision and accuracy delivered by Uson’s industry-leading differential pressure decay transducers.  It is a surprisingly powerful instrument, packaged in a simple design. 

With its intelligently designed multi-language user interface option, the 628 supports leak testing requirements around the world, delivering clear, non-subjective results with a level of performance expected from more complex and expensive instruments.

SprintmD: Designed to seamlessly integrate into your environment, the SprintmD takes the Sprint platform to the next level and delivers consistent results to help users optimize their process. The SprintmD was designed on four key pillars of operation:

User Experience – The SprintmD was designed for the needs of an entire team. The large touchscreen makes accessing specific information easy, and the intuitive menu system provides a deep level of actionable data. The tester also features self-diagnostics to monitor the health of the instrument.

Security –With new security features, such as user authentication through passwords and roles, customizable access authorization, and the ability to log and monitor changes to parameters, the SprintmD enables compliance with standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 (U.S.), MHRA/EU Annex 11, and others.

Connectivity – The SprintmD provides refined analytics to identify historical trends, collects, archives, and reports data, to make it easier to handle changes, support quality systems, and manage processes. The tester also incorporates embedded fieldbus and expanded digital I/O, to deliver easy control and selection of programs.

Quality & Performance – With the SprintmD, Uson continues to meet the highest standards for leak and flow testing. With a modular design, it is easy to service and easy to upgrade, with the versatility to accommodate a wide range of testing and analysis, with up to four channels concurrently.

With thousands of units installed around the world, Sprint leak testers are the gold standard in the medical device leak testing industry. The SprintiQ continues to be sold and supported around the world.

Optima vT Leak Tester from UsonOptima vT: Leak Detector Versatility -- Optima vT offers Uson’s industry-leading reliability and advanced leak testing technology in a highly configurable and versatile package. A comprehensive user interface puts control and information directly at your fingertips via the large, clear touch screen display.

At the heart of the Optima vT is Uson’s powerful TCU2, the second generation Test Control Unit offering unparalleled flexibility in a single test channel. TCU2 allows up to four high resolution sensors and with its available custom pneumatic configurations, the sky is the limit on your lead and flow test design creativity.

With a choice of one or two test channels, optional enclosures, a wide range of test types and custom pneumatics, the Optima vT takes versatility in leak testing to a new level. For the most demanding applications, choose high flow valves for fast filling larger volumes, or specify Uson’s proprietary differential pressure transducer for utmost sensitivity and repeatability. Even use two channels to test two cavities or parts simultaneously to reduce cycle time. With Optima vT, you’re in charge.

  • 15″ Diagonal 1280 x 960 Color Touch-Screen
  • 1 or 2 Channel
  • Up to 4 Sensors per Channel
  • Up to 225 psig/15 bar differential
  • NIST Traceable

Qualitek mR Leak Tester from UsonQualitek mR: An affordable high quality leak tester that sets a new benchmark of accuracy and dependability for light to medium-duty applications. Qualitek mR combines the latest advances in multi-range (mR) testing technology with the expertise and reliability of one of the premier names in testing.

For many years, Qualitek has been the proven standard for fast, reliable leak testing in industrial markets. Today’s new mR line combines the best features of predecessors into one efficient and easy-to-use tester. Backed by Uson’s world renowned reputation, Qualitek mR sets a new benchmark of accuracy and dependability.

  • 8.5" Dia. 640 x 480 Color Backlit LCD
  • 8 outputs, 16 inputs – option
  • 5 outputs, 11 inputs – standard
  • 100 Test Programs
  • Touch screen display
  • Single channel with up to two sensors

Qualipak 770: Unique non-destructive leak tester for flexible packages. A superior solution to the problems of destructive testing of flexible packaging, Uson's Qualipak package testers test a wide selection of flexible packs in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Qualipak flexible package testers are non-destructive, designed for the manufacturing environment, and offer objective and quantifiable measurement as well as ease of use. All Qualipak flexible package integrity testing systems deliver clear objective results. No operator interpretation is necessary.

Package quality and productivity are improved by analyzing test data available when using the optional SPC-PCIV software package. Trends are identified allowing for corrective action or scheduling maintenance for the packaging line.

  • Small bench footprint: the electronics and pneumatics unit can be located away from chamber
  • Can accommodate many different sizes of packages
  • Can be connected to an Uson Qualitek mR for single devices or an Uson Optima vT for 2 to 4 simultaneous tests, allowing lots of flexibility, data logging, printout, graphs and traceability
  • Simple operation: load, start, pass/fail, unload and repeat
  • Can detect hole size down to 5 microns depending on pack type
  • Easy to scale up from R&D, to production and mass production (with the seven cavity custom chamber)

Uson Innovative Leak Test Systems (UIS)Uson Innovative Leak Test Systems (UIS): Uson Innovative Systems (UIS) are precision engineered leak test systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated leak testing. For decades, these systems were known as PREX. Uson has expanded its capabilities to a whole new level and now can design and manufacture leak detection equipment to customer requirements ranging from a simple fixture or quick connect coupling to complete systems including product delivery, sealing, clamping, test and marking.

  • Pressure decay test
  • Vacuum test
  • Differential pressure test
  • Functional test
  • Fixtures: Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic
  • Control: PLC or relay

USON Raptor: Manufacturers who need a fundamental, single-channel pressure decay leak tester can turn to Uson with its latest innovation, Raptor. Armed with a color, touch-screen interface and an independent HMI utilizing Bluetooth, Raptor is configured smartly in a compact unit. Inside, the rugged duty, long-life Stallion Manifold block boasts a 50,000,000-cycle lifespan. The 24-bit A/D converter combined with superior algorithms allows for fast and repeatable testing. All pneumatic components and sensors have undergone extensive performance and durability testing.


The Uson App, available for download at, allows you to quickly and easily set up and tune your Raptor leak tester. It pairs easily with standard Android or iOS devices using a Bluetooth 3.1 interface. Without a doubt, Raptor sets a new standard by which future testers will be measured.

Visit our site for more information on Uson’s full line of leak testers.

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Uson - L.P.
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8640 North Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX, 77041, United States
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