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Tommy Nielsen Aps Company Profile

Malervej 6, Esbjerg, Denmark

Markets Supplied: Europe


The Tommy Nielsen machine program consists of both semiautomatic and fully automatic blister packaging machines. The machines are used for blister packaging of all types of products except from wet foods. The products to be packed can be spare parts, medicine, medical device, cosmetics, toys, electronics etc. and all types of consumer goods. The product program contains a semiautomatic blister packaging machine type called Universal. The Universal is a special type of blister packaging machines developed by Tommy Nielsen – the machine is capable of forming and sealing the blister packages in the same working cycle. The unique way the machines are working makes them ideal for R&D projects as well as production – hence the machines are used for a broad scope of packaging jobs, where packaging of medical device is the main area.

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Malervej 6, Esbjerg, Denmark

MD&M West 2021
10-12 August 2021
Anaheim Convention Center