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Sono-Tek Corporation
E: [email protected]
T: (845) 795-2020

2012 Rte. 9W, Milton, NY, 12547, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Sono-Tek Corp. is a world leader in ultrasonic spray coating technology. Providing precision coating equipment for the medical device industry for over 25 years, our ultrasonic spray is ideal for coating implantable cardiac and peripheral stents, angioplasty balloons, blood collection tubes, syringe barrels, vials, wellplates, medical textiles, sutures, orthopedic implants, medical sensors, diagnostic devices and more.

Ultrasonic nozzles operate by converting high frequency sound waves into mechanical vibrations to atomize liquids. Advantages include:

- Soft, low-velocity spray for increased transfer efficiency minimizes material consumption
- Uniform, micron sized droplets adhere to surfaces without overspray
- Very low flow rate capability with deposition rates in the microliters/hour range
- Nozzle is self-cleaning and non-clogging due to continuous ultrasonic vibrations
- Spray shaping devices can fine tune the spray for optimal coverage of surfaces and process repeatability
- Durable titanium horn requires little maintenance, unlike pressure nozzles or air atomizers
- Ability to create ultra thin, uniform functional coatings not possible with any other spray technology

The recently introduced MedXT Series Ultrasonic Nozzle System for BCT, vial, and syringe barrel coating uniformly applies clot activators and anticoagulants including Heparin, EDTA, Silica, and Acid Citrate Dextrose. Specially designed for high volume OEM manufacturing lines, the unique slim design allows nozzle placement at standard BCT rack distances, with 10-up configurations processing up to 12,000 tubes per hour. The MedXT series ultrasonic BCT systems with integrated ECHO generator technology offer superior uniformity and repeatability of coatings. The precise fine tuning capabilities of the ECHO produces tighter drop distribution with smaller droplets for consistent and fast drying dispersions.

Our MediCoat line of device coating systems are proven worldwide for repeatable, controllable, ultra thin, uniform deposition of anti-restinosis, anti-inflammatory, and steroidal drug solutions, antimicrobials, hydrophobic/hydrophilics, polymers, diagnostic reagents, and other biologic and pharmaceutical coatings.

MediCoat DES3000 tabletop glovebox system for drug eluting stent coating is a true turnkey system designed to easily control coating thickness and morphology, with full coverage of complex strut geometries without webbing. Excellent coating adherence eliminates cracking and peeling, providing a flexible yet strong polymer bond, with 4-5 times higher transfer efficiency compared to pressure spray.

MediCoat DES systems for R&D and production can be tailored to a customer's specific requirements for cardiac, peripheral, bifurcated, nasal cavity, neurovascular, bioabsorbable or other custom stents and scaffolds.

MediCoat DES3000 features:

– Sono-Tek’s 180kHz ultrasonic nozzle, with droplet sizes down to ~9-10 µm
– User friendly software with recipe programming, multiple level security settings, and daily process log
– Full alarm monitoring with notification
– High resolution, high magnification camera for real time video monitoring of process
– Integrated Syringe Pump TI liquid delivery with touch screen interface and intuitive programming

MediCoat BCC standalone system for drug coated balloon applications offers flexibility to optimize coating texture for improved cohesion and drug release. With similar features as our DES system, this turnkey system is available in 2 versions, MediCoat BCC185 for balloons up to 185 mm and MediCoat BCC300 for balloons up to 300 mm in length. For both models, the mounting fixture holds one catheter up to 2 mete...

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