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Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a deep portfolio of software across a broad spectrum of industry domains. Siemens is the leader in driving enterprise-level digital transformation through market leading software, and services. With these capabilities, Siemens provides the catalyst to not only enable, but also accelerate digital transformation for companies of all sizes and in all industries. 

Turn complexity into a competitive advantage by:

•        Creating the most robust digital twin
•        Personalizing digitalization
•        Leveraging a broad ecosystem through open technology of partners, suppliers, developers.

Siemens and its customers are facilitating digital transformation with Xcelerator as a Service. We are expanding Xcelerator to include capabilities provided by the cloud, further enhancing collaboration and cross domain capabilities, with new functionality being added over time. We’re also enhancing our subscription offer by including these cloud services in a SaaS model, making Xcelerator more accessible, flexible and scalable depending on business needs. With Software-as-a-Service from Siemens, access to Xcelerator just got easier, while providing ongoing value via connection to the cloud. From startup to large enterprise: scale your design, manufacturing, and IoT capabilities to match product and market requirements. Utilize new technologies quickly and cost-effectively, collaborate securely across engineering domains, and leverage your ecosystem as a network of innovation partners.

But is it secure?

Software as a Service delivers the same Siemens trusted data security you expect, available right out of the box.
Enjoy enterprise-class, DOD-level protection and worry-free data integrity without investing in HPC computing and expertise.
Cybersecurity and privacy protections meets or exceeds requirements for military and government contracts.
Cloud-based service is equally secure as on-premises or co-located servers, but far more accessible.
Siemens is a trusted provider to the world’s foremost innovators in private industry, government, and military.
You now have a seamless connection that spans from theoretical concept, To the device in assembly, Through operation, upgrades, and ultimately the end of product life.

All of this is based on a single model and eliminates the need to re-enter data into other systems. With this you will have the most efficient, accurate business process. The Digital Twin allows you to lower your cost to manage your intellectual content. Siemens Digital Industries Software is the undisputed leader in the ability to deliver the digital twin. NX is the foundation of the digital twin. NX delivers advanced 3D design capabilities to Xcelerator, integrating across disciplines to deliver the comprehensive digital twin. With evolving technologies and a changing market, the next generation of medical devices require a next generation design solution.

NX is the next generation design platform that removes barriers to innovation. Seamlessly combining multiple disciplines, NX enables more iterations by both experts and non-experts and utilizes the latest manufacturing and simulation methods to ensure you recognize the value digitalization and deliver the best designs to market faster.

You need a single platform that contains all the tools to break down the barriers between disciplines. NX allows all of your engineers and designers to collaborate and share information across the traditional barriers that exist in a single discipline solution. 

The NX platform allows your enterprise a complete solution that takes advantage of the data without having to re-master the data in another system.

We at Siemens Digital Industries Software are here to help you reach your goals. We have the tools to help you break down the barriers to innovation and fulfill your digitalization strategy. These tools fall into 6 different areas you need to address that we’re going to discuss today.

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