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R.D. Rubber Technology Corporation Company Profile
E: [email protected]
T: (562) 941-4800
F: (562) 941-1400

12870 E. Florence Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA, 90670, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America


Liquid silicone (LIM) and high-consistency silicone custom ...

R D Rubber Technology Corporation specializes in the precision molding of rubber products and component parts for OEMs in the healthcare, biotech and medical device industries. R D Rubber engineers quality into every part by working with our customers from the beginning to assist them with the design, development and manufacture of precision rubber components.

RD Rubber Technology has 19 molding machines (including injection, LSR, compression, and transfer) ranging in size from 30-275 tons of clamping force. The company molds liquid silicone rubber components in a certified ISO class 8 cleanroom.  We are a manufacturer of tight tolerance molded rubber and LSR components.

Over the years we have saved our customers precious time and dollars by assisting them with design for moldability and production, determining the right compound for your specific application and testing that ensures that the parts we deliver work right the first time and every time. That's what keeps our customers coming back year after year.

We understand the necessity of flexibility and are devoted to working with you, one-on-one, to assist you in meeting your needs. Our growth will always be dependent upon our ability to service our customers needs and still maintain the quality standards that RD Rubber Technology was founded upon.

We work hard to build your trust through:

  • Excellent Service
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Complete Product Traceability
  • Value Added Services including Specialized Cleaning and Packaging
  • Prototyping Capabilities
  • KanBan
  • JIT
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Long Term Customers
  • 30 Year Track Record

We welcome the opportunity to review your custom precision molded rubber applications whether large or small. Contact us about your next project, so we can assist you in getting your product to market faster.


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R.D. Rubber Technology Corporation
E: [email protected]
T: (562) 941-4800
F: (562) 941-1400

12870 E. Florence Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA, 90670, United States
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