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E: [email protected]
T: (513) 921-5040

9825 Kenwood Road, Suite 302, Blue Ash, OH, 45242, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, FDA Registered, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: Worldwide


PMC SMART Solutions draws upon more than 90 years of manufacturing know-how and innovation to give customers a comprehensive, scientific approach to manufacturing technology that saves lives. Serving the medical device and automotive industries, PMC partners with customers and demonstrates a deep commitment to their success. From product development through launch and ongoing production, PMC operates with the company’s value proposition of REAL Insight, REAL Attention and REAL Confidence at the heart of every project. PMC SMART Solutions is the smart choice for real success.

As an employer, PMC provides employees with the tools they need and the environment they deserve to create a successful, healthy workplace. With a focus on the same core values that drive PMC to succeed for our customers, we want to instill integrity, trust, and innovation in each of our employees, share our success with all team members, and constantly work to improve PMC for the betterment of all.

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PMC Smart Solutions

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