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Developing Cost Effect Refurbishment/Remanufacturing Solutions to Extend the Life of Legacy Products

While the wealthier nations of the world want the latest technology in their medical products and have the budgets to pay for it, developing nations are often happier with the price points of older technology, provided it has been refurbished and meets appropriate quality standards. In a perfect world, this cycle of reuse helps minimize e-waste and ensure that products are fully utilized over their entire useable life. The challenge is that the combined cost of duties/tariffs and refurbishment can make this process too costly to pursue.

Located in Republic of Seychelles’ International Trade Zone Sector (SITZ), Chelle Medical Limited provides niche contract manufacturing solutions for medical contract manufacturers. This whitepaper looks at the key advantages of the Seychelles and the capabilities typically required to support this type of contract manufacturing solution.

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