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Autoclavable Mass Flow Meters

The worldwide swine flu epidemic of 2009/2010, Ebola in Africa in 2014, the MERS outbreak in South Korea in 2015 - the list could be extended at will and makes one thing clear: that viruses and other pathogens can spread worldwide in no time. Hospital patients trust that they will receive the best possible care and treatment. But as the current debate regarding multiresistant germs has shown, pathogens can spread like wildfire even in Hospital environments. If hospitals are to stop pathogens and germs efficiently, they need either disposable equipment or components that can be disinfected and sterilized after use.

Sensirion has been developing and marketing flow metering sensors for many years. Until now, these sensors have been used in ventilation and anesthetic devices to measure the volume of clean air administered to the patient. But apart from this clean tract, both ventilation and anesthetic procedures need a means of metering the flow of exhaled air. This is known as either proximal or expiratory flow metering. In both cases, the sensor Comes into contact with air from the patient that is potentially infected with germs and pathogens. These sections of the apparatus are therefore comprised of disposable parts or hygienically sterilizable. For the sterilization process, a number of approaches are possible.

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