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The EMS Partnership: Four Areas to Audit

The term, “partnership” gets bandied about in electronics contract manufacturing relationships a lot. Both electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers and their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers have differing views. The complexity of the EMS relationship is what sets it apart in the supply chain. An EMS provider is not simply building a product. They are managing a supply chain, enhancing quality and efficiency in production, and often providing post-manufacturing support. At the same time, they cannot do those things well in a vacuum. The term partnership is used because both sides need to support the end goal of putting superior quality product where it is needed, when it is needed. That requires discipline on both sides. EDM, an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider in Lynchburg, VA believes there are four key areas where this partnership needs to be especially strong. This whitepaper looks at the capabilities that should be in place in each of these areas and the partnership responsibilities of each side. These areas are:

  • New product introduction (NPI) support
  • Supply chain management
  • Efficiency enhancement
  • Post manufacturing support.

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