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Are You Adaptable: Choosing the Right Connector for Global Devices

The key to success for any company trying to compete in the global market place is to trade its products and services with precision and ease. Markets for electrical and electronic equipment are truly global and, because of this, more competitive than ever before. In order to be successful now, it is essential to offer products that are easily adapted to the needs of global markets, without requiring reconfiguration by the user. This is especially important with regard to power cords, circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

Electrical plugs and sockets vary by country in size, shape, and type of connectors. Each country determines the type or types which are used and these are set by national standards legislation. With 21 different standard plug patterns used around the world, the problem of needing to have country specific plugs and cords can be quite daunting and expensive. In addition, many manufacturers do not have the desire or the space to warehouse or inventory all of the different cords for each different country to which their product will be exported.

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