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Since 1997, CDS has worked with customers in the medical tubing extrusion industry to design and build medical downstream tanks, pullers, and cutting systems. CDS’ Medical Downstream Extrusion Machinery will exceed your expectations, as our engineered solutions are endless. Our machinery can be customized to meet the specialized requirements of the medical tubing industry.


Customization, flexibility and innovative technology highlight CDS’ strengths in the medical extrusion industry for a wide range of applications, from High Precision Vacuum Sizing Systems, Free Extrusion Water Tanks, High Speed Precision Pulling and Cutting Systems to Full Line Controls and Data Collection Systems.


CDS manufactures Medical Downstream Extrusion Machinery in the following categories:

  1. Medical Cooling Machines: High Precision Vacuum Sizing Tanks, Water Cooling Tanks, Free Extrusion Water Tanks, and Multi-Pass Water Cooling Tanks.
  2. Medical Pulling Machines: Belt Haul-Offs and Roll Haul-Offs.
  3. Medical Combination Units: Belt Haul-Off / Servo Fly-Knife Cutter.
  4. Medical Collection Machines: Takeaway Conveyors.

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CDS - Custom Downstream System
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