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Production Inefficiency: Can A Specialized Medical Contract Manufacturer Be a Solution?

Most sourcing teams and many production managers have run into a common issue: manufacturing projects whose lower volumes, near end-of-life status or specialized manufacturing processes make them outliers in the overall sourcing or manufacturing strategy. When forced on contract manufacturers as part of overall outsourcing spend, these may become projects with chronic late delivery issues or be priced noncompetitively, since they are often built periodically instead of continuously. When kept internally, they are the projects that drive more frequent changeovers on the production floor or require dedicated work cells that are frequently underutilized.

Chelle Medical, a medical contract manufacturer located in the Republic of the Seychelles, frequently supports customers with outlier production projects best served by a specialized contract manufacturer. This whitepaper looks at Chelle’s capabilities in this area and the types of projects that been a good fit.

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