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Five Areas to Audit when Utilizing a Low Cost Medical Contract Manufacturer

Medical device manufacturers face a significant challenge in the market-driven need to reduce cost without sacrificing quality. This has driven sourcing teams to seek suppliers in lower cost labor regions. The lowest cost regions may lack suppliers with quality systems, procedures and production infrastructure able to support the regulatory requirements of medical device manufacturing. In other cases, competition with multiple manufacturing segments may drive unacceptable levels of personnel turnover. Or, companies may add the required infrastructure but have inconsistent compliance because their business models and internal procedures are primarily driven by high volume customers in less regulated industries. Chelle Medical, a medical contract manufacturer located in the Republic of the Seychelles, recognizes that there are some key areas that often differentiate medical contract manufacturers from companies that manufacture predominately for less regulated industries.  This whitepaper looks at five areas to audit closely in selecting a medical contract manufacturer in a low cost region.

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