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Accumold was founded in 1985. Our focus was to mold very small parts other companies could not produce. The same mission continues to drive us today. Our expertise in micro-molding and our commitment to innovation is centered on producing your critical components. This kind of work often requires micron tolerances, intricate geometries and extremely small features. Our experience and capabilities in these areas are what make us the World Leaders in Micro-Mold® Manufacturing Solutions.

Today the company focuses on industries that require fast turn around and complex parts for high tech markets such as Micro-Electronics, Medical, Micro-Optics, Automotive Electronics, and Military, as well as new emerging markets and technologies.


Micro-Mold® - parts from about 13mm (0.5") and smaller.

Small Parts - parts up to about 90mm (3.5") in diameter or a 1 oz. shot weight.

Lead Frame / Insert Molding - parts molded around other materials such as metal, plastic, film, fabric, or glass.

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