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Hightech Components - High-Performance Ceramics in Medical Technology

Accept challenges
More complex, more precise, more economical! We are setting new standards in the fields of automation, precision and complexity using the latest manufacturing technologies. With metallization, we enable a new level of functional integration.

Design materials
Our technical ceramics are biocompatible, wear- and temperature-resistant, high-performance materials. We develop solution-oriented materials specifically to meet your individual requirements.

Realize design ideas
New technologies such as Ceramic Injection Molding and 3D printing processes allow complex functional components with the highest precision and almost unlimited geometrical design possibilities.

Deliver quality
Even in medical technology you can benefit from the high quality standards of Bosch. Whether for individual solutions or large serial production – we offer the highest quality at competitive prices.

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Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH
E: [email protected]
T: +49 711 811 58301

Stuttgarter Strasse 130, Waiblingen, 71332, Germany
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