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452 John L. Dietsch Boulevard, North Attleboro, MA, 02763, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, FDA Registered, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: Worldwide


NeedleTech., founded in 1988 and headquarted in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, is a leading medical contract manufacturer providing a wide range of custom specialty needles, cannulas, stylets, and similar complex steel components, along with advanced over molding capability. We process multiple materials such as stainless steel, nitinol, Inconel, and titanium. Our customers are many of the world leading device companies in the Interventional Radiology, Interventional Oncology, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Pharma, and Spine markets.  NeedleTech provides both components and finished devices to medical device companies worldwide. Over the course of our 30 years as a contract manufacturer, we have continually expanded our capabilities in order to meet the evolving needs of our customers and stay well positioned to offer concept-to-commercialization solutions. The majority of the steel that we process via needle point grinding, CNC swiss machining, and metal forming and finishing, and other capabilities is also over molded by NeedleTech in order to streamline timelines and costs for our customers. If medical device engineering and design for manufacturing services are needed, our project teams are aligned to provide those services, including tool and fixture fabrication and rapid prototyping. Visit us at for more information.


 Medical Device Engineering / DFM Services

The NeedleTech Engineering Group offers a range of services including: Research & Development, Program Management, Tool Design, New Product / Process Introduction, Manufacturing, and Automation and Continuous Improvement. Our experienced and expert engineers also leverage our in-house, state-of-the-art Tool Room and Prototype Shop for tool and fixture fabrication to help move projects along rapidly and efficiently.

CNC Swiss Machining, Milling & Turning

We offer precision machining for stainless component with complex geometry and/or tight tolerances.

Electro-Chemical Cutting & Grinding

These processes are used to offer our customers precision cutting and grinding of raw material for features such as biopsy notches or notches used in our over-molding process.


At NeedleTech, we use our CNC and NC controlled machines to precision “drill” and plunge form holes and other shapes on the medical devices that we process. The advantages related to the EDM is the precision, consistency and repeatability of the process. This is the same process that is used to “burn” cavities used for injection molding components. We also have CNC controlled Wire EDM capability which we use to process multiple products simultaneously. Here the benefit is still as it the process prodburruces “burr free”, precision machined product.

Needle Point Grinding

NeedleTech is also recognized across the industry for a core competency in needle grinding. We produce virtually every point geometry used in medicine.  We leverage many different grinding systems to accomplish the vast array of point geometries required by our customers.

Examples of needle points we can provide are: Tri-Bevel, Diamond, Westcott, Quad, Venous Bevel, Non-coring, Serratus, Pencil Point, Back Bevel, Deflected, Conical (semi), Touhy, Chiba, Huber, Trephine, Crawford, Quincke, Whitacre, Trocar, Hustead, Spinal, Franseen, Spade, Jamshidi.

Metal Machining & Fabrication

Many hand-held medical devices require some form of tube or wire, either machined or fabricated. We offer a wide variety of capabilities to help support the production of these components.

Below is a general list of what we offer:
CNC 5 Axis Milling
Automated Swaging
EDM Hole Drilling
Automated End-forming
Laser Engraving
Catheter Tipping
Wire EDM Automated Laser Cutting
Catheter Flaring
ECG Notching/Grinding
Laser Feature Creation
Catheter Hole Drilling
ECG Cutting
Automated Laser Welding
Automated Grit Blasting
Leak Testing
Ultrasonic Welding
Full Length Grit Blasting
Conical Grinding
Tube/Wire Bending
Ball Welding
Automated Buffing
Manual Buffing

In addition to the list above, NeedleTech also offers:
Aqueous Cleaning, Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) System, Electropolishing, Citric Passivation (automatic), Pouch and Blister Tray Sealers for Sterile Products, Various Surface Treatments, Heat Shrink.

Thermoplastic Injection & Inset Molding

NeedleTech has an impressive Molding Department, complemented by a Design Group, Plastics Engineering and a Support Tool Room. We possess Vertical Insert injection molding machines ranging from 10-50 ton presses. Most work performed within the Molding Department involves the insert molding of Luer Hubs onto either needles or catheters. Due to an ever-increasing demand for such services, this department, which utilizes state-of-the-art machines and material handling equipment, is constantly expanding. Custom Products comprise the majority of what is molded each day, although our customers often choose to utilize one of the many standard Luer hub designs that NeedleTech has to offer.

Assembly & Packaging

The Product Assembly Group is where everything comes together and it is where solid design and careful component manufacturing create a robust Finished Dev...

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NeedleTech Products
E: [email protected]
T: (508) 431-4000
F: (508) 431-2157

452 John L. Dietsch Boulevard, North Attleboro, MA, 02763, United States
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