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Mundt & Associates, Inc. Company Profile
E: [email protected]
T: (480) 922-9365
F: (480) 922-9341

14682 N. 74th St., Scottsdale, AZ, 85260, United States
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Mundt & Associates, Inc. is a specialty OEM manufacturer of laser workstations that are constructed in Scottsdale Arizona. Mundt has defined laser automation systems and micromachining technology with engineering innovation, to resolve excellent automation solutions that are utilized by the worlds leading manufacturers. The company offers a unique combination of innovation, experienced design engineering and specialized technology capabilities ideal for advanced Maufacturing. The Mundt team has produced a highly creative manufacturing foundation that offers customers turnkey solutions for a variety of special applications, as well as custom design and manufacture of machines and systems to meet customers’ specific application goals.

Mundt & Associates believes there are no short cuts to quality and continually strives to manufacture solid, versatile and accurate systems that maximize benefits to customers. The company’s commitment is to build the finest machine tools and laser workstations possible for advanced manufacturing. Mundt has maintained continuous high standards in building superior equipment which has positioned he company as a dependable force in the demanding fast-paced automation industry.

The Mundt Laser workstations include the latest in motion control and user friendly computer technology and software that enables the workstations to provide process solutions through sophisticated and flexible control of motion and laser.

A Mundt Laser Workstation can do the following;

 Automate manufacturing process
 Automatic feature recognition and inspection
 Reduce manufacturing errors and waste
 Eliminate human error in the production process
 Reduce production costs
 Increase production output
 Increase production efficiency
 Customizable machines to suit needs
 ! Easy to use control software
 High speed part processing, even big and heavy parts
 Weld metal parts and other materials from 100 μm to 36”
 Precision cut metals and other materials from 30 μm to 36” and a depth up to 5 mm
 Machine vision to inspect very small parts < 1 mm
Laser-based tools are increasingly utilized by organizations ranging from R&D labs and pilot production lines, through to high volume production processes. The company provides laser systems for cutting, welding, ablation and bonding, and provides guidance to those companies that are considering the replacement of traditional machinery with modern laser technology best suited for productive advanced manufacturing.

Recent accomplishments include:

 Lap weld 0.008-inch O.D. stainless tubing and full penetration butt weld of 0.22- inch wall tubing with the same machine and laser.
 Laser welding small electrical feed through.
 Micro soldering of .002” diameter wires.
 Fast production cutting of complex features in .009” diameter stainless tubing.
 Fast production welding of header plates, each with hundreds of tubes.
 Metal ablation for high precision controlled-fracture devices.
The company also offers application support for proof of concept and feasibility.

Mundt & Associates builds Laser Workstations for the medical industry, the medical implantable device manufacturing industry, military, aerospace, solar and oil industries as well as other specialized industrial projects that require complex and/or expensive parts where waste cannot be tolerated

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Mundt & Associates, Inc.
E: [email protected]
T: (480) 922-9365
F: (480) 922-9341

14682 N. 74th St., Scottsdale, AZ, 85260, United States
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