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Linemaster Switch Corp. Company Profile
T: (860) 974-1000
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29 Plaine Hill Rd., Woodstock, CT, 06281, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, FDA Registered, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Linemaster Switch Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of foot controls for over 60 years. Linemaster offers a wide range of foot switches to the world’s major medical device companies, providing an interface solution for many different applications. Our primary function is to design and manufacture custom and standard foot controls per the specifications of our customers. The changing needs of the customer have taken Linemaster to new levels of technological advancement, furthermore solidifying the top position in the medical foot switch market.

Linemaster manufacturers USB, Linear Hall Effect, Electric, Air Powered, Variable Speed, and Wireless foot switches that meet or exceed medical standards. New technology and a commitment to continuous improvement have attracted the majority of major medical device companies to Linemaster.

Leading Technological Advancements

Linemaster’s release of the Infrared and Radio Frequency Wireless foot control systems has generated extreme appeal in the medical market. Having two wireless technologies available assures that they will have a safe and reliable wireless pedal in any medical environment. Each wireless foot switch system offers the end user an interface that is immune to interference, convenient, and easy to clean, all while eliminating the potential tripping hazard that exists with wired pedals. Linemaster’s extensive testing and expertise in a number of wireless protocols assisted in creating the best Wireless foot switch system on the market today.

Working Together With You

Linemaster is the only foot switch company in the world to offer FDA 510(k) cleared product making it easier for the end user to incorporate our foot pedal into their design. Linemaster’s knowledgeable and courteous staff works diligently with the OEM to produce a custom foot pedal that will compliment their devices while optimizing its performance. In addition to getting FDA 510(k) clearance, Linemaster also meets IEC 60601 3rd Edition and has obtained all of the major certifications necessary to be the leading foot control provider in the world such as ISO 13485, IEC, UL, CE, CSA, RoHS, and FCC. Obtaining these certifications has assisted in making Linemaster medical foot control choice of the world’s most prominent major medical device companies.

Applications requiring Foot Controls

Linemaster designs and Manufactures custom medical grade foot switches outfitting a variety of different medical applications. Linemaster has the capability to support any applications that have a potential need for a foot control, some of which include:

• Biopsy Systems • Bone Saws Phacoemulsification Systems
• Dental Chairs • Dental Lasers • Dermatology Lasers
Electrosurgical Generators • Endoscopy • Fluoroscopes
• Liposuction • Laparoscopic Surgery • Medical Cameras
• Medical Tables • MRI Systems • Surgical Navigation Systems
• Ophthalmic Surgery • Surgical Shavers • Surgical Microscopes
• Ultrasonic Diagnostic Systems • Urology Lasers • X-Ray Equipment (C-Arm)

Teamwork with a Common Goal

Linemaster’s goal is to develop a great working relationship with our customers and help guide them in choosing an interface that suits their equipment. We strive to be an extension of our customers, offering design expertise and consultation from our knowledgeable staff for little or no NRE cost. There is a lot for the OEM to consider when developing a new product, so if Linemaster is able to assist by handling the foot switch portion of the project the customer is able to focus on their core products. Linemaster has been through some of the most demanding new product development programs and regulatory requirements in the medical arena and we are prepared for new and exciting challenges associated with creating an interface that you can appreciate and rely on.

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Linemaster Switch Corp.
T: (860) 974-1000
F: (800) 974-3668

29 Plaine Hill Rd., Woodstock, CT, 06281, United States
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