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80 Colonnade Rd., Nepean, ON, Canada


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LightMachinery is dedicated to producing the world's finest lasers, optical components and optical process machinery. LightMachinery specializes in the production of difficult tight tolerance components and equipment that stretches the limits of current technology.

The people at LightMachinery are veterans of the laser and optics world. Each individual typically brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of optical design, high power lasers, optical fabrication, laser systems, metrology, thin film coatings and custom machinery fabrication.

Optical Components

We specialize in working closely with our customers to produce components quickly and beyond your specifications. The experience of the people at LightMachinery with tight tolerance optics is unique in breadth and scope. If you are looking for high quality optics then look no further. Our team of professionals is always ready to push the envelope of optical quality or make a quick piece for an R&D prototype. No job is too big or too small. An example of some our work includes:

  • Beam Splitters
  • Etalons
  • High Power Laser Optics
  • Michelson Interferometers
  • Waveplates
  • Uniform thickness wafers and substrates
  • Coatings - from the UV to the IR
  • Prisms, attenuators, mirrors, lenses, lens assemblies, beam splitters, custom complex optical assemblies, simple non-optical glass fabricated parts, re-polishing damaged optics, waveplate assemblies and optical contacting

CO2 and Excimer Lasers

LightMachinery's high power CO2 and excimer lasers offer an unbeatable combination of laser performance, reliability, customer support and value. Our breadth of experience in industrial and academic applications for these lasers is unrivalled. In addition, we provide comprehensive support including installation, service, spare parts and training to new and existing customers.

  • CO2 Lasers: Carbon Dioxide Lasers for marking, materials processing, wire-stripping, drilling and non-destructive testing in semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and packaging. Click here for more information on CO2 lasers
  • Excimer lasers: For state of the art materials processing, cutting, drilling, pulsed laser deposition, wire stripping, chemicaal vapour deposition, LIDAR adn writing Fiber Bragg Gratings. Our excimer lasers are reliable research and industrial machines with a proven track record of reliable performance. Click here for more information on excimer lasers.
  • Applications Lab: LightMachinery's laser application lab is ready to process your samples using CO2 and excimer lasers. We can investigate the correct wavelength, pulse length and energy parameters to ensure the best possible results. Best of all, its free just contact us about your application.

CO2 and Excimer Laser Applications

The staff at LightMachinery has been involved with CO2 and excimer lasers since the beginning of time. LightMachinery Excimer Lasers are designed for a wide variety of advanced applications in precision manufacturing and R&D including:

  • Wire stripping: Excimer lasers enable clean non-contact stripping of a wide variety of wire and insulation types. The excimer laser is a standard industrial tool wherever mechanically fragile wires are used. The excimer beam removes insulation without any charring and creates a very clean metal surface.
  • Drilling: Ultra-violet light can be focussed to very small spots, the very small holes in ink jet nozzles are almost exclusively drilled the excimer laser. The clean walls created in the this fast 'cold' process have no melting or charring.
  • Micro-machining: The excimer laser is a powerful industrial tool for the micro-machining of non-metals. Masks of various shapes are often put in the beam and demagnified onto the component. The shape of the mask may be a rectangle or a round shape. Then X-Y tables can be used under CNC control to develop intricate shapes and contours.
  • Marking: The UV energy from the excimer laser can produce dramatic color changes in plastics and ceramic materials. These marks are permanent and can be used for simple identification or traceability or anti-conterfeit. Sample testing at LightMachinery is free so do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your marking application.
  • Pulsed laser deposition (PLD): The excimer laser can be used as a means of vaporizing target material inside a vacuum chamber and depositing it on a substrate.
  • Plasma generation: The powerful CO2 laser pulse generates MegaWatts of peak power, stripping electrons out of gas molecules.


Optical Calculations and Design Tools: Click HERE for a list of design tools.

Click HERE to access our motion control series catalog.

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80 Colonnade Rd., Nepean, ON, Canada

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