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  • Healthcare
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70 Cohoes Avenue, Green Island, NY, 12183, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe


Klaran UVC LEDs are manufactured by Crystal IS, Inc., an Asahi Kasei Company. 

Klaran deep ultraviolet (UVC) LEDs are used to address healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) in medical devices and healthcare equipment. Crystal IS’ proprietary technology is built on highly lattice-matched, native aluminum nitride substrates. This substrate allows for stronger, more consistent germicidal performance in the key 260 nm to 270 nm wavelength range. For OEMs seeking to add infection prevention capabilities to their products, the Klaran UVC LEDs offer reliable, on-demand performance.

Klaran UVC LEDs enable medical device OEMs and designers to integrate disinfection capabilities into smaller portable medical devices. The incorporation of UVC LEDs is ideal for medical devices used in routine clinician care during patient recovery in the hospital, and at home where caregivers may not be adequately trained in manual infection prevention protocols.

Point-of-use disinfection of antibiotic-resistant microbes

The optical output of Klaran UVC LEDs is specifically tuned to match the peak absorption spectrum of drug-resistant superbugs, bacteria, and viruses. This includes key target microbes in healthcare environments like C. diff and MRSA. These devices deliver maximum disruption to the microorganism's DNA, rendering these microorganisms unable to reproduce and nonthreatening to humans.

Quantifiable, on-demand disinfection for healthcare

Klaran HC series is the first line of UVC LEDs developed exclusively for the automation of infection prevention in medical devices and ancillary equipment for the healthcare industry. The Klaran HC series are ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity compliant. These devices have been tested and proven to be biocompatible for use in both Class I and Class II medical devices that require a 510K submittal. 

Klaran HC UVC LEDs offer a nonhazardous, mercury free UV energy source in a compact, durable package that makes them ideal for integrating disinfection functionality into portable medical devices.

Klaran Benefits: 

  • Provides instant, on-demand disinfection
  • Allows for scalable & flexible duty cycle
  • Suited for battery-powered applications
  • Effective for disinfection of water, air or surfaces

Klaran HC products emit no offensive odor, operate instantaneously, and deliver solid state durability with low power requirements. The devices deliver up to three times greater germicidal performance at 260-270 nm, enabling medical device and equipment manufacturers to integrate single LED solutions which minimize costs while incorporating quantifiable infection prevention capabilities into their products.

Supporting OEM Projects

The Klaran UVC LEDs offer a new platform for innovation in medical devices and healthcare equipment. Crystal IS provides applications and technical support to assist OEMs in integrating UVC LED-based infection prevention into their portfolios. This support ranges from modeling and design consultation to hands-on training to NRE services. Contact Crystal IS today to learn more about our offerings.

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