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The Rise of Implantable Devices

In this whitepaper, we'll take a closer look into the state of the medical device industry, in general, and the rise of implantable devices, specifically. We'll touch on how those devices are changing people's lives for the better and what to consider when choosing the right materials that go into making these devices. For product designers and engineers, it becomes increasingly important to understand and identify the performance parameters and the material attributes to meet those needs. When creating a device that is implanted into the human body, choosing the right materials is everything. COINING recognized this, so we developed Bio-Implantable Composite Materials (BCM's) to enhance the performance of implantable devices. BCM's enable wireless charging and resolve the issue of premature device failure by allowing longer lasting charge. Our unique metallic solutions are biocompatible, corrosion resistant, and extremely durable. 

COINING is the leader of innovation and technology. We work with major medical equipment manufacturers to build custom components that power the products that must work precisely- every single time. For innovators who demand, flexibility, precision, and speed COINING is your go to for high-precision, high-performance components for electronic implantable devices. COINING is the world leader in custom alloys, microstampings and solder preforms, we also offer specialized bonding wire, precision thermal management materials, and hermetic solutions. We're the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world. 

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