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Bio-Implantable Composite Materials Brochure

In this brochure, we take a closer look at Bio-Implantable Composite Materials (BCM's), an innovative, new suite of composite materials that can help improve the battery life, long-term reliability, and biocompatibility of electronic medical implantable devices. COINING's BCM's enable wireless charging and longer-lasting battery within implantable devices. COINING holds a truly unique position in the microstamping industry based on its superior cladding capability. COINING has the necessary techniques, expertise, and equipment to manufacture high quality BCM's for medical electronic devices as lifelong implants. 

The explosion in medical implantable technology requires the use of leading-edge materials that can support the unique demands that come with being inserted into the human body. Reliability, biocompatibility, battery life - or the ability to recharge batteries remotely - can make all the difference when it comes to quality of life. It is crucial for the engineers to adhere to specific performance parameters and it's imperative that the components going into your product have the correct type of material properties necessary for inserting into the human body, and working reliably and for a long period of time. COINING is your go to supplier for high-precision components. 

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