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Qualifications: ISO 9001, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


HPC Medical Products is the industry leader in microdiameter wiring and tubing products for catheter assemblies and medical devices.  The company manufactures uninsulated  and insulated  fine and ultra-fine wire as well as polymer tubing and coated hypo tubing. Tubing products include: reinforced, thermoplastic , polyimide, hybrid , lubricious , and particle composite tubes. Typical applications include drug and stent delivery catheter shafts, endoscopes, electrophysiology and diagnostic catheters, and neurovascular devices.

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Your Micro-Diameter Wire and Tubing Experts

HPC Medical tubing designs are used extensively in catheters and medical devices for urology, cardiology, neurology, endoscopy, and laparoscopy applications. Customized manufacturing is possible, with inside diameters ranging from .0910” (2.31mm) to .0020” (.0508mm) and wall thickness of .0003” (.008mm) to .007” (.178 mm).

Tubing types:

You’ll find our tubing used extensively in catheters and medical devices for urology, cardiology, neurology, endoscopy, and laparoscopy applications. HPC Medical products are ideal for applications where thin walls, strength and tight tolerances are necessary.


  • Braided & Spiral: braid, coil, and longitudinally reinforced tubes. Stainless steel, Nitinol, Vectran, Kevlar and Daycron can be used to reinforce the tube structure.
  • Embedded Reinforcement Materials
    • Round: Good strength and requires a larger wall thickness
    • Flat: provides structural reinforcement, improves kink/crush resistance, and improves torque transmission

The HPC Medical Products proprietary coating process utilizes liquefied medical grade thermoplastics to create unique state-of-the-art polymer tubing and insulated wire products. The most popular resins are listed below; however, we can provide virtually any thermoplastic resin that your application requires.

Soft and flexible, Pebax® improves thermal bond ability and flexibility when applied as a topcoat for polyimide. Pebax® polymer is available in different durometers from 72D to 40D.

Polyimide Tubing


Polyimide is a cross-linked thermoset polymer that is comprised of organic compounds that were originally developed and formulated by DuPont®. Our polyimide tubing is used for medical and electrical applications with inside diameters ranging from .0028 to .091 inches (.0711 to 2.31 mm).

Particle composites are used to produce radiopacity, lubricity or significantly improve thermal conductivity. At HPC Medical Products, we have the expertise to deliver the composites you need, such as radiopaque polyimide tubing as well as boron nitride polyimide with more thermal conductivity than standard polyimide properties.

Our tungsten-loaded polyimide-tubing product is inherently radiopaque for visibility under X-ray and fluoroscopy.

Hybrid tubing, which typically consists of a polyimide base layer with a thermoplastic outer layer, is constructed from both thermoset polyimide and a thermoplastic polymer including: Pebax®, Nylon, or Tecoflex®. Our hybrid tubing is perfect for applications that require diameters of .0080 to .065 inches (.2032 to 1.651 mm) combined with the strength of polyimide as well as the added benefit of flexibility and thermal bonding.

HPC Medical Products PTFE and low friction PD-Slick™ (a blend of PTFE and polyimide) are specially designed as medical tubing liner or as a wire coating. PD-Slick™ is:

  • Gamma radiation resistant
  • USP Class VI biocompatibility
  • Can be used to coat the inside or outside diameter of a tubing product
  • Lower friction with the material properties of polyimide

Value Added Services for Tubing
Our pure polymer or particle composite tubing can be cut to precise lengths as short as .05 inches, with a length tolerance of plus or minus .005 inches. This process is ideal for lengths between .05 to 5.0 inches. Lengths that are 3.0 inches or less are usually provided in a jar container for easy access and storage. Parts are de-ionized during cutting to reduce static and make for easier handling.

Our process is capable of cutting tubing with OD's of .011 inches to .091 inches, for thermocouple caps, electrical insulating sleeves, as well as bundling collars for groups of wires or fibers.

Laser Stripped Wire
Laser ablation, or laser wire stripping, is a non-mechanical and non-chemical method to remove the outer polymer layer or coating from specific locations on a given wire substrate. The result is clean, undamaged wire that has not been damaged by mechanical cutting blades. Or in the case of chemical stripping, eliminates exposing employees to harsh chemicals and eliminates disposal costs.
Many medical device applications require material removal to expose an insulated wire’s underlying metal conductor. Due to the small wire diameter requirement in these devices, manual stripping methods are time consuming, unrepeatable, and produce inferior quality compared to an automated laser stripping machine.
Purchasing pre-stripped wire will increase productivity and reduce labor expenses by eliminating the need to manually remove the wire coating. Therefore, the wire is immediately ready for termination to any electrical component. As a result, valuable processing time can be used for true value added processes that impact the bottom line.

In addition, HPC Medical Products has the capability to straighten and cut both pre-stripped and non-stripped wire in discrete lengths. The cut-to-length wires are bundled and packaged in a straight dispenser for easy removal. Individual wires can be removed one piece at a time without kinking or tangling.
Whether your need is insulated wire packaged on a spool or pre-stripped wire straightened and cut-to-length, HPC Medical Products can offer a turn-key solution therefore streamlining your total supply chain and reducing overall lead times.

Advantages of laser ablated wire:

  • Tighter tolerances on striped and un-stripped sections
  • Multiple stripped sections per length
  • No mechanical or chemical damage of wire
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher yields
  • Higher quality


  • Cardiac rhythm management
  • Electrophysiology ablation devices
  • Radio frequency ablation

Pad Printing
Pad printing is used for printing on otherwise difficult to print on products in many industries including medical. Medical Pad printing offers many advantages over other forms of marking and labeling, especially in the invasive medical device.

Pad Printing allows easy visual ques and anything from small parts with microscopic printing to large tubes can be printed on while maintaining superior quality. HPC Medical Products’ in-house pad printer allows flexibility and allows the end user to select from different colors, widths, spacing, and lengths.

Whether it’s a 360° rotational catheter, micro catheter, or any tube HPC Medical Product has the expertise to pad print on virtually any tube.

Compared to other printing processes there are many advantages:

  • Variety of substrates
  • Ability to print fine subjects
  • High resistance of printing inks

Laser Machining
HPC Medical Products offers very precise laser machining for your tubing products to meet various customer requirements. Laser energy provides a sterile drilling process without part distortion therefore improving the function and quality of the end product. Drilling is not limited to typical circular profiles and can be altered upon request. Laser drilling is commonly used in many medical devices and drug delivery catheters.


  • Embolic Protection Devices
  • Drug Delivery Catheters
  • Irrigation Catheters
  • Drug Delivery Balloons
Polymer Coated Hypo-Tubes

HPC Medical can supply coated metallic hypo-tubes with diameters of .003 to .09 inches (.0762 to 2.286 mm). Our coatings consist of Polyimide, PD-SlickTM, Polyester, Polyurethane, Pebax® or Nylon®.

Insulated Wire
At HPC Medical, our cross-linked polymer insulated wire products are in applications ranging from miniature motors and electronics to hearing aids and medical devices. We can film coat a variety of wire products including copper, copper alloys, stainless steel, and titanium. In fact, we insulate .00099 to .010 inch diameter wire using thin coating (.0001 to .002 inch thickness) of polyimide, polyurethane (SB or N), formvar, polyester (N or AI), solderable polyester, epoxy bond, butvar, and Nylon.

Un-Insulated Wire
Our high performance conductors include plated copper/copper alloy conductors, flat wire, stainless steel conductors, thermocouple and aluminum conductors used in thermocouple applications: extension grades and thermocouple grades for medical and temperature control applications.

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HPC Medical Products
E: [email protected]
T: (864) 708-3020
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13230 N. Main St, Trenton, GA, 30752, United States
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