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Predictable Adhesion in Manufacturing Through Process Verification

From start to finish, manufacturers rely on process controls that are predictable, dependable and consistent. This is the only way to deliver reliable, high-quality products. Controlling adhesion and cleaning processes found throughout manufacturing operations is crucial to achieving the predictable high performance all manufacturers seek.

Manufacturers are accustomed to only thinking of their adhesion process as the point at which a coating or adhesive is applied, when surfaces interface and the curing process. Redefining the adhesion process to include every aspect of the production process that affects adhesion gives manufacturers a more holistic picture of what it takes to achieve successful adhesion. Applying this new way of looking at adhesion reveals what are called Critical Control Points. These are any point in the entirety of a production process where a material surface has the opportunity to change, intentionally or not, making either a higher or lower quality surface.

This eBook is the definitive guide to improving your manufacturing process to eliminate adhesion issues. Trust the experience BTG Labs  shares in this document to help you improve your process. 

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