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Your partner for the world’s most innovative medical device solutions

Evonik serves as an end-to-end development partner and solution provider for medical device companies. As a global leader for innovative biomaterials and related application services, Evonik offers an integrated portfolio for a wide range of medical applications. We provide the technical capabilities and access to cGMP facilities that medical device innovators need to drive novel biomaterial concepts to market. By leveraging our decades of market leadership for bioresorbable polymers, Evonik has created an extensive portfolio of products, technologies, and services that can support you during each stage of the medical device design and scale-up process.

RESOMER® - Bioresorbable polymers

As a global development partner and solutions provider for biomaterials, Evonik is committed to providing medical device companies with the industry’s most broad and versatile portfolio of biodegradable materials and application services for medical implants.

For over 30 years, we have led the market with our RESOMER® portfolio of biodegradable materials for use with medical implant devices Our RESOMER® catalog, custom and specialized polymers are 100 % biodegradable, completely metabolized by the body, and available for supply from trusted manufacturing sites in the U.S. and Germany.

Evonik is also the world’s first supplier with a full portfolio of medical grade powder, granule and filament-based biodegradable polymers for 3D printing medical applications.

VECOLLAN® - Recombinant collagen for regenerative medicine

Driven by continuous innovation, Evonik launched the innovative non-animal derived collagen platform VECOLLAN® in 2020. VECOLLAN® will, for the first time, provide medical, pharmaceutical, cell culture, and tissue engineering markets with a highly soluble and highly pure form of collagen that is safe, sustainable and commercially scalable.

Evonik’s proprietary platform features a triple helix structure and other tunable properties that are designed to mimic many of the attributes of natural collagen so that it can reliably interact with cells and tissues and be readily absorbed or remodeled by the body. It is also designed for supply in a range of forms or shapes, and to be compatible with a range of processing and cross-linking technologies. Applications of VECOLLAN® include coatings, sponges, hydrogels, and 3D bioinks.

biocellic® & epicite® – Biosynthetic cellulose for wound care applications

In 2021, Evonik acquired the German biotech company JeNaCell, complementing its biomaterials portfolio. Biosynthetic cellulose, designed by JeNaCell, is ideally suited to medical applications such as wound dressings, implant materials and scaffolds for tissue engineering. There are also further applications in aesthetic dermatology, and cosmetics.

This innovative biomaterial is made through fermentation and can be produced in several forms including nonwovens, films, or fiber suspensions. It is also possible to adjust the properties during biosynthesis to tailor the plant-derived biopolymer to different applications.

ENDEXO® - Surface modification technologies

ENDEXO® is a clinically proven surface modification technology based on low molecular weight fluoro-oligomers to enhance the biocompatibility of medical devices such as cardiovascular, neurovascular, and renal applications.

Medical devices are susceptible to biofouling due to the adhesion of bacteria or other microorganisms, resulting in the formation of biofilms that can be resistant to antimicrobials and cause bloodstream or urinary tract infections. In urological devices, adhesion of bacteria can further increase the risk of failure and complications due to encrustation.

ENDEXO® additives create a unique surface chemistry at the interface of the device and its environment to reduce platelet adhesion, bacteria adhesion, and coefficient of friction without the use of antimicrobials or antiseptics. In catheter devices, thrombus formation is reduced by up to 99%.

CDMO and Application Services

From its medical device centers of excellence in the U.S., Germany and China, Evonik offers an integrated range of CDMO services. These leverage more than 60 years of market leadership in the design, synthesis, and supply of high-quality polymers to support companies with custom polymer synthesis as well as the development and prototyping of medical device components to match specific customer requirements.

If you are seeking to reduce program complexity, improve safety and performance, or accelerate speed to market during the design and development of a bioresorbable medical device, then consider partnering with the technical experts at Evonik. Services available across our global network of medical device labs and competence centers include:

  • Polymer synthesis and design
  • Processing optimization
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Production of medical device parts

A broad range of conventional thermal processing and advanced 3D printing processing equipment can help you to design and develop the ideal biomaterial, while various analytical systems can help to refine degradation rates or characterize mechanical and other properties. All these capabilities can be tailored into a service project that matches your specific project requirements.

To discuss your opportunities, please reach out to us today!

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E: [email protected]
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Rellinghauser Straße 1-11, Essen, Northrhine Westphalia, 45128, Germany
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