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Economy Spring & Stamping Co div of MW Industries Company Profile
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29 DePaolo Dr., Southington, CT, 06489, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 9001, FDA Registered, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: Worldwide


The MW Industries, Inc. family of companies is the second largest manufacturer of springs and specialty fasteners in North America. More than 23,000 customers in over 35 countries trust the MW family with the design & manufacturing of their products. Our medical market leader, Economy Spring Location, is a world class ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility that serves the Medical Device Industry with precision metal fabrication specializing in contract assembly, manufacturing, and packaging. Our products range from springs, wire-forms, metal stampings, cannula, tubing, needles and metal assemblies. From product development to high volume production, our manufacturing processes are designed to support rigid cleanliness and quality standards for the most demanding medical device applications.

Economy Spring recently added an ISO 8, Class 100,000 Clean Room to their facility. They are also FDA Registered.

Product Development:
Our engineering staff canoffer sound technical assistance on product design that will minimize validation/verification time. We specialize in partnering with our customer’s engineering teams to assist with R & D and product design along with the process design that is unique for each product manufactured. Many cost saving opportunities have been realized through engineered solutions by converting machined components into metal stampings or wireforms. The prototype manufacturing process we utilize with our design capabilities include:

Hypodermic Tube Manufacturing
Metal Forming Machining
Electrochemical Grinding
Micro Fabrication Services
Photochemical Machining
Electrical Discharge Machining
Laser Machining
Laser Marking
Laser Welding
Resistance Welding
Product Assembly

Compression, Extension, & Torsion Spring Manufacturing:
We utilize over 100 CNC coiling machines that manufacture springs that are used in many device platforms. The product sizes vary from the micro-coiling range Ø.0015-to Ø.010 wire, up to large format coiling systems Ø.011 to Ø.156 wire. Some critical applications where our springs are used:

Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems
Auto-Retractable Safety Needles
Double Torsion Springs
Staple & Clip Cartridge Feed Springs
Catheter Vents
Catheter Wire Forms
Surgical Pumps & Regulators
Pharmaceutical Aerosol Pump Springs
Auto-Insulin Delivery Systems
Respiratory Devices
Guide Wires
Electrical Device Contacts

Metal Stamping & CNC Wire Forming:
Our metal forming capabilities range from progressive die stamping, fourslide machines, multi-axis CNC wireforming and custom bending/assembly systems. The flat stock material range that runs on this equipment is .002 to .093 in thickness and up to 6 inches in material width. The wire range is Ø.005 wire to Ø.156 wire on our CNC wireforming equipment. All of our custom assembly equipment and tooling is designed/built/maintained on site by a host of Class A tool & die makers. We have an extensive tool room equipped with the latest state of the art machining centers coupled with CAD and CAM software. Products made on these types of machines vary from implantable titanium components to laparoscopic device hardware:

Implantable Biopsy Markers
RNS Removers
Implantable Hemostatic-Ligating Clips
Titanium & 316LVM Surgical Skin Staples
Drug Diagnostic Systems
Catheter Strengthening Wire Forms
Endoscopic Device Hardware
Stamped Lancets & Blades
Clamping Products
Titanium & 316LVM Wire Form Fasteners
Stainless Steel Obturators
Electronic Contacts, & Connectors

Tubing, Needle Grinding, Cannula, And Luer Assembly:
We specialize in providing OEM manufacturers custom hypodermic needles, irrigation tubing, stylets, fabricated stainless steel tubular components and assembled luer products. Our manufacturing techniques can achieve point geometries with anti-coring properties, various point/bevel geometries for reduced trauma and echogenic grit blasting that can enhance cannula grip for overmolding. The products we make range from 07G-TW tubing to 28G-RW tubing and the material is compliant with the ISO 9626 standard. Many secondary metal fabrications can also be achieved with thin walled tubing:

Needle Introducers
Biopsy Needles
Epidural Needles
Huber Cannula
Wire Lancets
Trocar Points
Pencil Points
Tube Flaring/Crimping
Micro-Slots & Holes
Tube Bending

Process Design, Secondary Operations, & Packaging:
Our customer’s expectations are realized by consistently meeting their manufacturing requirements. There is the added benefit of meeting the product specifications that is backed by a solid quality system. From external sourcing for specialized coatings to internal processing methods, our process design meets most medical device toxicology standards and can be certified to meet ASTM standards.

Process Validation Studies
Product Capability Studies w/GR & R
Citric & Nitric Passivation
PTFE Coatings
Deburring, Burnishing, & Polishing
Ultrasonic Cleaning/Vapor Degrease
Form-Fill-Seal Packaging
Tray & Tube Packaging
Bagging/Pouching, & Multipackaging
Tacky paper & Specialized Packaging

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Economy Spring & Stamping Co div of MW Industries
E: [email protected]
T: (860) 621-7358
F: (860) 621-7882

29 DePaolo Dr., Southington, CT, 06489, United States
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