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  • DC Akron
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  • DC Akron
  • DC Eclipse
  • DC ProNova
  • DC Lotus
  • DC Exogen
E: [email protected]
T: (800) 344-2623
F: (608) 316-8401

1010 E. Washington Ave., Suite 210, Madison, WI, 53703, United States
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Qualifications: Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: Worldwide


An integrated approach to healthcare product development

Design Concepts, Inc., is an experienced medical device and product development consultancy, creating healthcare products for both clinical settings and consumer markets. We work with industry leaders to design a wide a range of products — from sophisticated diagnostic instruments and operating/recovery room furniture to handheld tools patients use to track treatment compliance.

With offices in Madison, Wis., and San Francisco, our focus is on innovation and product design that drives business success for our clients and makes life better for end users. Design Concepts has in-house expertise that spans the entire product development process—business and design strategy, research, industrial design, human factors design/ergonomics, user experience (UX) design, mechanical and electrical engineering, with strong prototyping capabilities to test concepts at key points in the development process.

Our proven process emphasizes outstanding project management

From scoping through manufacturing, our experienced project managers use a proven product development process to lead each project. This time-tested, multi-part process has guided more than 2,500 projects and addresses strategy, conceptualization, engineering and the transition into the marketplace. 

We partner with clients to create evocative, grounded and actionable products that can be successfully launched in the marketplace. Our strategists, researchers and designers help clients identify growth opportunities and potential risks.  Our design teams uncover, articulate and refine opportunities for product and business success.  Our highly refined, iterative process of analysis, engineering, prototyping, testing and refining means that we get a product in your customers’ hands early and often to gain meaningful insights that drive success.

We understand the complexities of getting a medical device to market. Our Human Factors team can advise you through the regulatory compliance process to ensure that you can launch your product as soon as possible. We also assist our clients in identifying the best materials and vendors for manufacture and can manage the transition from prototype to finished product. 

A broader view identifies bigger opportunities

While we have a strong background in medical and healthcare product development, we also design products for the consumer goods and commercial markets. This multi-industry perceptive enables our experienced and diverse teams to help clients look beyond the obvious to the breakthrough.

That broader view extends to our people—a group of 60-plus individuals with degrees from the most prestigious universities in the world. More importantly, it’s a team with an insatiable curiosity to learn, share and create.

Through our project management, process and people, we deliver elegant solutions to the business challenges that keep our clients up at night. We love complexity. In fact, we thrive on it.

At Design Concepts, we help our clients think bigger and make it happen.

Key Clients:  3M, Abbott Labs, Acist, Becton Dickinson, Beecher Instruments, Brewer, Cardiac Science, GE Medical, Gerber, HospiraIkaria, Johnson & Johnson, Lunar/GE, MinnetronixRespironics, Smith & Nephew, Spacelabs Healthcare, Stryker Instruments, Stryker Medical, Xeragen

Contact:  Dave Franchino, President
Year Established:  1967

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