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INSPEX II introduction

Available from UNITRON Ltd. in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Driven by simplicity, INSPEX II is an integrated digital microscope system designed specifically for production and quality control environments.  It has an intuitive software interface which simplifies operation and control of the system, increasing efficiency, control and traceability of inspection.

The INSPEX II inspection platform offers a range of key features.  INSPEX II is an ergonomic, fully integrated stand-alone system with no PC required.  The AshCal™ auto-calibration feature removes the need for time-consuming recalibrations for each zoom change, increasing productivity and efficiency.  Capture 2D point-to-point precision line measurements and annotations on images for qualification and documentation whilst the on-screen overlays enable the go/no-go rapid inspection of samples.  Streamline production processes and prevent human error with user access privileges and programmable preset options.  Additionally, inspection processes will be controlled and standardized.

The INSPEX II is complete with interchangeable illumination options and a one-click autofocus on-screen indicator.  Image stamping with time, date, user and magnification level allows for traceability throughout your inspection process.

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