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The Hassle of Li-ion Batteries for Miniature Applications and Why Silver-Zinc is an Easy Solution

As a society, we rely on our electronic devices and therefore batteries more than ever before. Small electronic devices, depending on their function, can improve communication, enhance quality of life, contribute to physical well-being, and generally provide entertainment, safety and security. However, the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries powering these devices have some major shortcomings; the most critical being safety. Li-ion has been a prominent topic in recent news because when Li-ion batteries fail, they can do so in a dramatic fashion—the cells have the propensity to burst into flames. 

However, there is a more convenient microbattery technology available for hearable and wearable devices. ZPower’s silver-zinc battery chemistry has a history of being a reliable, safe alternative to Li-ion cells. Read this whitepaper to understand the differences in the technology. 

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