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AMTEC-Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Company Profile

  • Laser Marking System
  • Robot Loading
  • Compact Fiber Laser
  • Catheter Printing Machine
  • Catheters and Medical devices
  • Tooling
E: [email protected]
T (888) 634-1143
   (714) 630-9530
F: (714) 630-9531

1464 N Hundley Street, Anaheim, CA, United States


Qualifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


 At AMTEC we specialize in product identification machines and services, which include: Pad Printing Machines, Laser Machines, Hot Stamping Machines and Special Automation Machines. 

Compliant to ISO 13485!


AMTEC is a leading manufacturer of Auto and semi-automated custom machines, robotic part handling systems, assembly machines, hot stamping/heat transfer, pad printing, ink jet printing, laser marking and engraving, laser cutting, conveyors, hot plate welding, corona and plasma treating, vibration welding, spin welding and ultrasonic welding.

At AMTEC we offer the following Equipment and Services:

  • Contract Manufacturing Services for medical devices
  • Pad Printing Machines and Pad Printing Services
  • Catheter Printing Machines, Automation Systems
  • Automated & Semi - Automated Assembly/Custom Machines
  • Laser Marking, Engraving, Coding, Scribing and Cutting Systems
  • Ink Jet Printing Machines
  • Conveyors & Part Handling Systems
  • Hot Stamping & Heat Transferring
  • Corona & Plasma Treating
  • Ultrasonic, Vibration & Hot Plate Welding Machines

 We offer a wide range of applications:

Pad Printing: (click here)  


 Laser Marking: (click here)


Hot Stamping: (click here)

Your reliable partner in
Contract Manufacturing Services

At  AMTEC, we pride ourselves in developing solutions that work.  We provide manufacturing service across a wide spectrum of products and applications. We utilize advanced technologies and manufacturing processes along with highly trained personnel in every aspect of our business. We feel exemplary manufacturing service does not end with product delivery, but  continues throughout our lifelong partnership, which is what  brings our  customers back again and again. 

We accomplish this by:

  • Meeting and/or exceeding customer requirements.
  • Continuously improving our operations to produce top of the line products and services.
  • On-Time delivery of products and services.
  • Providing motivational work ambiance, which rewards innovation and employee excellence.
  • Manufacturing safe and effective products that better the lives of people.
Quality Statement

AMTEC  aims to exceed customer expectations in the service and products it provides. We are committed to continual improvement of our processes and personnel to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and compliance with their quality requirements.

Our commitment to quality is governed by strict set of International Standards Organization’s criteria for companies that provide products and services to varied industries.

Explore many advantages of partnering with AMTEC for your contract manufacturing needs. We hope to do business with you and become your partner in helping to achieve your company’s goal. 





Laser Machine


Pad Printing Machine


For more information contact: [email protected]

1464 N. Hundley St., PO Box 98206, Anaheim CA 92806
Tel: 714-630-9530 Fax: 714-630-9531 Toll Free: 888-634-1143

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