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Stratos Celebrates 25 Years Bringing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Market

Company expands office and grows head count; focuses on the future with consumer-driven healthcare

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SEATTLE—Sept. 18, 2012—Stratos, a Seattle-based engineering services firm, today celebrates 25 years help...

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SEATTLE—Sept. 18, 2012—Stratos, a Seattle-based engineering services firm, today celebrates 25 years helping world-class companies bring cutting-edge technologies to market.  The company is currently undergoing an office expansion and hiring boom, and combined with a robust project portfolio, is positioned for additional growth now and well into the future.

“The vision for Stratos 25 years ago was to create a company that would serve as an engine for innovation and product commercialization,” said Allan Stephan, Stratos founder and CEO.  “Today, we’ve successfully realized that vision with three simple principles: respect, empowerment and retaining the finest minds. Our business philosophy and expertise has led the world’s foremost companies to invest more than $125 million in Stratos’ capabilities which, in turn, has led to billions of dollars in revenue for our clients.”

Stratos attributes much of its growth to the evolving healthcare and technology markets, of which the company has a long-standing presence in each. As these industries experience the increased demand to rapidly bring new, viable technology to market, Stratos’ growth is keeping pace: since the most recent economic crisis in 2008, the company has prospered and doubled its size.

“Stratos offers an unmatched blend of technical skills, depth of experience and proven development processes to address the current needs of the healthcare and technology sectors,” said Sean MacLeod, Stratos President.  “With Seattle asthe epi-center for global health, a major center for biotechnology and home to leading technology companies, Stratos is able to offer the intelligence and know-how sought by the rest of the world.” 

Silicon Valley, often considered the “tech hub” of the world, consistently turns to Stratos to develop major products.  In fact, a majority of the company’s clientele is from the Bay area in California.  Stratos’ work with Redwood, Calif.-based Proteus Digital Health is an example of the growing healthcare/technology convergence: think consumer product meets wireless software meets medical device. The wearable, wireless technology market is expected to generate a minimum of $6 billion by 2016.

Commercializing technology for innovation-focused companies is the cornerstone of Stratos’ day-to-day work.  Their list of“firsts” includes the first in-flight video entertainment system for British Airways, the first laptop touchpad for Apple and the first game controllers for Microsoft Xbox.

About Stratos

For 25 years, Seattle-based Stratos Product Development—one of Washington’s “Best Companies to Work For (2012)”—has partnered with the world’s leading corporations and venture capitalists to bring breakthrough technologies to market. Stratos’ client list includes Agilent, Medtronic, Novo Nordisk, Diebold, BD Biosciences, Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Boston Scientific, Carefusion, Intermec, General Dynamics, Astronics, Eaton, Philips, Fluke and Tektronix.  Stratos offers a full range of services, from upfront product strategy and applied research, industrial design and all facets of product engineering, to quality assurance and manufacturing strategy. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook here.

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