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Scapa Healthcare

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T: 860/688-8000

111 Great Pond Dr., Windsor, CT, 06095, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA Registered, CGMP Certified, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: North America, Europe, Worldwide


Scapa Healthcare is an experienced and trusted business-to-business provider to the global healthcare industry, delivering skin friendly turn-key solutions. We can support you through all aspects of product development from design, performance materials, skin friendly adhesives, converting, printing, packaging and sterilization. Every solution is developed with end user comfort in mind.

Scapa Healthcare’s Expanded Solutions Offerings

In an effort to broaden our adhesive solutions for our customers, Scapa Healthcare acquired First
Water, a leading designer-manufacturer of advanced wound dressings and skin adhesives featuring
polymer gel technology.

Skin Friendly Turn-Key Solutions

Design & Project Management

Working with our sales teams and program managers we offer a complete design and project management service,
tailor made to meet your needs. This integrated service includes in-house prototyping and complete verification and
validation services with continuous engagement of our expert application engineers.

Bioflex® Performance Materials

Scapa Healthcare manufactures and produces a comprehensive range of performance materials including our high
performing Bioflex® polyurethane films, a range of polyurethane, polyethylene and PVC foams, as well as non-wovens
and fabrics.

Scapa Soft-Pro® Skin Friendly Adhesives

Scapa Healthcare has extensive expertise in skin contact adhesives. The Scapa Soft-Pro® range skin friendly adhesive solutions is designed to meet the specifications of customers demanding the very highest performance standards. From high tack to low trauma and short wear to long wear there is an adhesive solution to meet your needs.


Scapa Healthcare has extensive adhesive coating capabilities, supported by experienced operatives, that enables a
seamless process selection and execution. The variety of coating techniques allow for each solution to be based on the
products requirements and the best manufacturing practices.

Converting & Assembly

Scapa Healthcare global conversion capabilities include the custom manufacture of simple to complex flexible parts.
Multiple, fully equipped manufacturing facilities offer one-stop integrated solutions with extensive in-house and material
supplier capabilities. We control the manufacturing process in-house, right through to the completed products. Scapa
Healthcare’s conversion and assembly capabilities extend our manufacturing reach beyond simple coated adhesives,
to complete medical device products and components.

Printing & Packaging

Scapa Healthcare has an extensive in-house print capability and can offer customers a wide selection of printing
options for their medical products and packaging.


Scapa Healthcare handles the sterilization validation process, integrating the services of partners to provide a
complete solution. We have extensive experience in the validation of gamma and ethylene oxide sterilization
processes, with the capacity for large and small batches.

Logistics & Service

Scapa Healthcare provides a range of services that ensure an uninterrupted supply of your products. Our global
footprint and supply chain enable us to provide inventory management with great efficiency, wherever you are in the


Long-Term Wear Solutions Engineered for Innovative Wearable Devices

We are also at the forefront of addressing the demands of the rapidly evolving wearable medical device market. Amidst the dawn of a new era of wearable mobile medical devices, adhesive solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry; and the requirements for skin-wearable devices go far beyond just being able to stick. The MEDIFIX Solutions™ portfolio of designs, materials, adhesives and assemblies can enhance the user experience across the diagnostic & therapeutic mobile medical device market.


Creating Materials and Design Combinations for Optimal Outcomes

Our experts are focused on delivering long wear capacity to the healthcare industry. As a global provider of skin-friendly, end-to-end solutions, we understand the complexity of keeping a medical device adhered to a patient’s skin for an extended time. The results — skin friendly turn-key solutions that perform. When you partner with Scapa Healthcare you have an extended team of engineers working to find a custom-crafted long-wear solution for your device.

Why Scapa?
  • B2B partnership strategy
  • Turn-Key solution capabilities
  • Rapid speed to market
  • Broad technology portfolio
  • Vertical integration & strong manufacturing know-how
  • Single supplier, dual source
  • Trusted quality

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Scapa Healthcare
T: 860/688-8000

111 Great Pond Dr., Windsor, CT, 06095, United States
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