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Re-Introducing The Lighted Hospital Grade Power Cord

Quail Electronics is proud to re-introduce the Lighted Hospital Grade Power Cord, a simple way to brighten up the medical industry.

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5/15/13 ...

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Using the standard configuration of the NEMA 5-15P Hospital Grade Green Dot Plug, we created a new mold of the plug incorporating an LED inside. When the cord is plugged into a source of power, the Nema 5-15P Hospital Grade Green Dot plug will light up. This new feature will provide a unique tool for companies conscious about the connection of their devices.

End-users will appreciate being able to confirm power connectivity simply by a visual check. Choosing the Lighted Hospital Grade Power Cord will give your medical device the signature touch of the insightful designer. Let Quail provide an option that correlates to the amount of effort and application used to develop your hospital environment

The Lighted Hospital Grade NEMA 5-15P with LED features the Green Dot on its face, meaning it conforms to a higher standard of code requirements. The materials used to construct it, as well as the durability of those materials, meet UL's specifications, and the use of the interior light emitting diode is also fully certified, so that OEM designers get full performance from their power cords components. Quail has their end-user in mind, and offer the best options in terms of quality and innovation.


The 031 0.096L T and 031 0.120L T
Connects any medical device with a C14 inlet to hospital wall power. Features standard Hospital Grade 5-15P with LED as the plug end with an IEC-60320-C13 on the connector end. IEC C13 is an international designation for the house-shaped connector used on computers and servers, and it is widely used for medical equipment power supplies. The Hospital Grade 5-15P with LED is UL, C-UL approved and has the Green Dot marking, symbolizing it meets the rigorous standards required for Medical Environment Plugs.


Series Length Wire Type Specs
0310.096LT 8' 18/3 SJTW 105°C PDF
0310.120LI 10' 18/3 SJTW 105°C PDF


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