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12 Glens Falls Technical Park, Glens Falls, NY, 12801, United States
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Qualifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Supplier to Medical Manufacturers, Exhibitor in at least 2 MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows

Markets Supplied: Worldwide


Precision Extrusion an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of high quality, custom extruded, medical grade tubing from thermoplastic materials. We manufacture tubes that are single lumen, multi lumen, co-extruded, striped and braided. Additionally, we are a major supplier of the highest quality acetal mandrel typically used as a production aid to build wire reinforced tubing.

Precision Extrusion Inc. has been a major supplier of the balloon tubing to the medical device industry for more than 20 years. PEI can make balloon tubing with +/-0.0005” tolerances both on OD and ID; clear and smooth surface; and excellent concentricity with very uniform wall thicknesses. Our unique equipment and extrusion process can provide better control of some of the critical properties, e.g. elongation and tensile strength. All of this combined will reduce the defect rate and help you, the customer, to form quality balloons to meet your most demanding specifications. Materials include Nylon 11 and Nylon 12, PEBAX (nylon co-polymer), PET, PUR, EVA, or custom blend materials.

Through precise computerized equipment, extruded tubing of PUR, PA, PC, PE, PEEK, FEP, PLA, PEBAX, PVC, PP and most engineering resins are manufactured to meet your precise specifications.

Materials can be compounded with barium, bismuth, or tungsten for radiopacity. Melt temperatures are maintained to within one degree. Screw RPM is held constant, on-line lasers monitor and maintain outside tubing diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness are precisely controlled through on-line statistical process control.

PEI can handle the most complex tubing needs with IDs that can be as small as 0.0025” and walls as thin as 0.002”. We have state-of-the art equipment that allows us to make the highest quality reinforced braided tubing in various compounds and configurations. Our high production lines manufacture acetal mandrel for use in the manufacture of tight-tolerance tubes (tolerance as tight as 0.0005”). We have bump or taper tubing for variable OD’s and ID’s. PEI can provide some secondary operations, e.g. precise cutting, tipping, flaring, welding, and some other subassemblies such as angiographic, guiding and other braided catheter tubing.

With years of experience working with our customers, which includes top 20 global medical device manufacturers, in places like Germany, Ireland, Australia, China, Korea, India, and the United States, we can assist in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of small diameter, high quality, custom-extruded, medical grade tubing. Our state-of-the-art equipment, in-house tooling design and manufacturing, and our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction proves that PEI can handle the most complex high quality medical tubing needs. It’s the perfect combination; it’s what you want and need; which places PEI among the leaders in the extruded thermoplastics manufacturers for the medical device industry.


PEI offers high quality braided medical tubing that is available to meet your custom needs. Close tolerance, braid reinforced tubing is available in various configurations. We can braid using round or flat, single or double ended wires as small as .001" or 0.0007" thick ribbon wire. Various materials can be used to make the braided reinforced tubing including stainless steel, beryllium copper, and silver, as well as monofilament polymers. The braid can be wound with various pics per inch over many thermoplastic substrates such as nylons or polyurethanes. The benefits of braided tubing are: high torque-ability, burst strength, and kink resistance.


A surgically invasive device intended for transient use, specifically to assist in the diagnosis of a defect of the heart or of the central circulatory system through direct contact with these parts of the body. Specifically, the catheter is intended to be used for the delivery of radiopaque contrast media to selected sites in the patient’s vasculature.


A surgically invasive device intended for transient use, specifically to assist in correcting a defect of the heart or of the central circulatory system through direct contact with these parts of the body. Specifically the catheter permits the injection of contrast medium and allow for pressure monitoring and the passage of interventional devices, such as balloon dilation catheters, guide wires and stents. The assembly is manufactured from a variety of resins, a radiopacifier loaded soft tip, a Teflon lined lumen and an encapsulated stainless steel wire braid between the inner Teflon liner and the outer catheter jacket. The Teflon liner is included in the most distal tip portion.


The PTFE-lined shafts have a very lubricious inner surface and can be assembled with round or flat wire of various sizes, configurations and tensile strengths.  Common outer jacket materials are nylon and nylon copolymers as well as polyurethane. These catheters are used to provide a “delivery system” guide catheter that has variable stiffness along the shaft to the distal end, along with clear and/or radiopaque distal tips and marker bands; common curve shapes are available.


Reinforced PTFE-lined tubing is available with flat or round wire coiled configurations.

Coiled shafts are more flexible and kink resistant, but they do not have the same torque capabilities as a braided shaft.


PEI can produce custom size IV catheter tubing in three or four stripe configurations up to 4mm OD. The stripes are fully encapsulated providing a smoother surface on both the inside and outside, while providing the maximum amount of radiopacity when needed. The clarity of our tubing is un-equaled.

Our IV Catheter tubing can be supplied in near net lengths, individual long lengths such as one or two meter lengths, or continuous lengths on a spool. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details of your next project; our team is here to support all of your needs when it comes to standard or customized IV catheter tubing.

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Precision Extrusion Inc.
T: 1.877.792.1199
F: 1.518.792.3805

12 Glens Falls Technical Park, Glens Falls, NY, 12801, United States
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