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Gain the Competitive Edge With Performance Technical Ceramics

Precision and performance that makes Piezo Technologies the right choice for HIFU, tissue ablation, nebulizers, and other medical devices where actuation is necessary.

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As a medical device manufacture...

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As a medical device manufacturer, you’re looking to gain that competitive edge.
How can we help? With best-in-class components to help you design and build products that outclass your competition.

Why choose Piezo Technologies?

  • For power and density demands – our product design and engineering professionals have a variety of materials to meet the most sensitive piezoceramic applications. 
  • To improve electrical charge and actuation – with its high d33 and d31 ratings, our flagship PZT K-320 material gives you everything you need for your HIFU, ablation, and nebulizer applications. 
  • To meet the requirements for new product designs – our proprietary manufacturing processes deliver a variety of sizes and shapes such as squares, rectangles, and discs.

Optimize your product design today!

Contact us now to learn how K-320 piezoceramics can help you gain that competitive edge. You can also explore our company and products at

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