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200 West Kensinger Dr., Cranberry Township, PA, 16066, United States
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Conair is a recognized leader in precision ...

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Conair is a recognized leader in precision medical extrusion, supplying downstream equipment and process expertise that helps processors increase productivity while controlling process variables that impact product quality. The new MedLine range of plastics-processing auxiliaries – for injection molding and extrusion –  is specially designed, calibrated and documented for medical applications, where cleanliness, precision, process validation and easy implementation are critical.

Shaping the Future of Medical Plastics Processing

To help medical plastics processors select, install, commission and start up white rooms and cleanrooms faster and with less paperwork, The Conair Group is introducing MedLine®, a complete range of auxiliaries –170 units in all – for molding and extrusion of medical products.

The product line includes equipment for resin conveying and storage, drying, blending, heat transfer and downstream extrusion. All are based on proven Conair designs, but they have been specially sized, configured, documented and supported for use in cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

Only mechanical equipment and materials that are compliant with standards for ISO 14644 cleanrooms are used in construction. Depending on the application requirements, machine surfaces may be powder coated in RAL 9003 signal white or made from stainless steel. All equipment is supplied with a quality and regulatory compliance package aligned with ISO and FDA requirements. Machines are factory calibrated to meet regulatory requirements, labeled and certified for 1 year. Installation qualification forms are supplied, ready to be filled out and filed. Preventive maintenance procedures required for regulatory compliance are also detailed and reporting forms are provided. This documentation significantly reduces the paperwork processors typically need to generate in order to validate compliance of their cleanroom facilities and processes.

Tubing Extrusion
Pushing Precision and Productivity to New Heights

Conair Group makes downstream extrusion equipment for precision medical tubing, from microbore and multi-lumen tubing for heart and brain catheters, PICC lines and other critical applications to commodity medical tubing where productivity and cost reduction are of paramount concern.

In precision, microbore tubing – less than 0.060” (1.52 mm) in diameter – properties such as ovality, concentricity, elongation/burst strength and clean, particulate free cutting are key. Conair has pioneered development of vacuum sizing and cooling equipment, cut-to-length systems and related processing technology. They have collaborated with the leading extruder manufacturers and gaging equipment suppliers to develop extrusion lines that are among the most technically advanced in the industry.

At the other end of the spectrum, Conair is helping manufacturers of commodity tubing focus on making it at high speed without sacrificing precision. They are reducing wall tolerances to minimize material use. In addition, because the extrusion is often performed in clean rooms, space is a major issue. Conair has a multi-pass tank that includes a vacuum-sizing section and a conventional cooling section and horizontal rollers to guide the tubing back and forth through the tank.

This configuration saves 1/2 to 2/3 of the space compared to conventional sizing and cooling tanks and minimizes stretching of the tubing during cooling. The system also has OD/ID wall gauging and monitoring, which is important for documenting process conditions for customers and the FDA.

Extrusion Testing Lab
Driving Innovation and Performance Improvement

One of the most advanced plastics extrusion laboratories in the world is now available to help medical extruders push the boundaries of productivity and profitability. At Conair’s extrusion-equipment manufacturing facility in Pinconning, Mich., the company has created an 8,000-sq-ft (742-sq-m) lab, dedicated entirely to extrusion development and testing.

The Conair Extrusion Development & Testing Lab houses four production-scale extruders manufactured by various well-known industry brands and it is staffed by three experienced full-time process engineers. In addition to conducting FAT (Factory Authorized Testing) to confirm that a new extrusion line can meet performance guarantees, the lab also conducts trials for extrusion companies. Customers can enlist the help of Conair’s extrusion experts in perfecting the line set-up of new products or experiment with new equipment or processing techniques to maximize productivity and profitability of existing product.

Conair also supports the development efforts of several extruder manufacturers, providing downstream equipment for their lab facilities along with technical advice and assistance.

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Conair Group
T: 724/584-5500

200 West Kensinger Dr., Cranberry Township, PA, 16066, United States
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